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Email Template

Introducing new tools to your team is not always easy. This is why we recommend you invite your team once you have had time to setup EnjoyHQ. This way you can gently introduce them to some of the reports and analysis you have already done and show them what EnjoyHQ can do for your team. Tangible results are always the way forward 💪 

We’ve put together a customisable template you can send to your team to help everyone start using EnjoyHQ and help them learn from your customers faster 👍


Hi team,

As some of you know, we’re working on better processes to manage our customer feedback and user research data.

EnjoyHQ is a customer research tool that helps share user research and customer feedback easily. It also connects with tools we already use, like [add examples here].

Having everything in one place will help us work together better and faster, rather than having all this useful data trapped in multiple systems and only available for some teams. All the feedback and research you share in EnjoyHQ is automatically available to everybody. We want to be using the best tools to help us understand customers and build better experiences.

Before we get started, please get yourself set up:

You will receive an invitation to join EnjoyHQ via email. You can start adding any research notes or customer feedback you have been collecting in different places. You can connect integrations to EnjoyHQ, forward emails, upload documents, and even create notes in it. Check out EnjoyHQ’s On Demand Content.

What can EnjoyHQ do for you?

  • It can help you organize and access valuable insights from our research activities.

  • It will make it easier to connect the dots from all our research initiatives.

  • It will offer better ways to share our findings.

  • Give you instant visibility into what customers are saying in all our channels.

  • Help prioritize issues and identify opportunities to improve our customer’s experience.



If you have questions about our EnjoyHQ account, please let me know. If you have general questions about EnjoyHQ, the Knowledgebase is a great resource.


[Your name]



Ready to invite your team? Follow the instructions below 👇


Adding a team member couldn't be simpler! Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Your team in the user menu

  2. Scroll to Invite More Users.

  3. Enter the name and email address.

  4. Hit "Invite".  


Your team-mate will now receive an email, prompting them to set a password and activate their EnjoyHQ account.

Happy collaboration! 🙌


Learn how companies and teams of all sizes use EnjoyHQ 👉Success Stories

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