An Overview of EnjoyHQ

What is EnjoyHQ?


Hi! 👋  Here's a quick video with everything you need to know about EnjoyHQ.



EnjoyHQ is a better way to organize and share your insights with the entire organization. We help you scale your research operations easily.

We do this by designing tools you can use to:

  1. Aggregate research data from multiple places. Plug and play, no code or complex Zapier workflows needed!
  2. Search and organize everything, in a quick, easy and visual way. EnjoyHQ was designed to help you find answers quickly so we built the most advanced search engine for your data.
  3. Collaborate and share your findings with your team and the entire organization. EnjoyHQ helps you build transparency and increase the speed at which you learn from customers.

At EnjoyHQ you count on a team of engineers and product people ready to answer all your questions, share best practices, and help you succeed.

How other people use EnjoyHQ?

We would like to introduce you to a couple of people that started just like you!

Lindsay Boylan, is the solo UX Researcher at a small but growing startup. Lindsay needed to find a better way to scale her research work and become more productive. Lindsay shared her experience in this blog post: How I used a research repository to maximize my impact as a UX Research Team of One.

Nicole Wright is a Lead Researcher at Honeybook, a medium-size company that desperately needed a better way to share insights across multiple teams and centralize data from multiple channels. Nicole shares details behind her EnjoyHQ Implementation (Video)

Jared Forney is a Senior Designer and Researcher at Okta, a large company that needed better ways to support a rapidly scaling design and product team. Jared talks about his journey with EnjoyHQ (Video)

Where should I start?

Now that you've signed up, we recommend learning about key concepts in EnjoyHQ. 👉Learn how to structure your data in your account.

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