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Use these steps to create a duplicate test on the UserTesting platform.


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About creating a duplicate test

  • Create a duplicate test when you want to copy a test you've already launched for ease and convenience.
  • This gives you a starting point that you can edit versus starting from a blank page.
  • Only Creators can duplicate a test. 
  • Use cases for creating a duplicate test:
    • You have a competitor or comparison test where you only want to switch out the URL, but keep all the tasks consistent.
    • You have an existing test that you feel is a good starting point for what you want to accomplish in your new test.
  • If you're running a benchmark where task consistency across tests is key, and your subscription allows Template access control, we recommend creating a template for this use case.



Create a duplicate test

  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Find the test, survey, or Live Conversation you'd like to duplicate.
  3. Click the three dots, and select Duplicate.
  4. Rename your study and assign it to a folder (if necessary).
    duplicate test modal usertesting.png
  5. Click Duplicate when you're done.
  6. Edit your audience as needed. 
  7. Edit your test as needed.
  8. Launch your test when you're ready. 


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