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Executives use UserTesting to stay connected with their customers. Project teams also use the Platform to get buy-in from Executives on their strategy and show how their products meet customer goals.



As an executive, it's critical that you understand your customers know when your products and services are satisfying your customers and when they are missing the mark.

As an executive:

  • Leverage the Live Conversation feature, to stay in touch with your customers. Regularly, put time on your calendar to have direct conversations with those who use your products and services every day. Hearing the voice of the customer directly from the customer is key to delivering an amazing experience. Use a saved audience to reach your specific audience with one click. Block one Friday a month and have three 30-minute conversations to stay in touch with that audience.
  • Have your team schedule recurring sessions that record customers interacting with your products (scheduled sessions, create similar tests). As a Viewer, you can then jump into the Platform and watch those recordings to understand the experience people are having, then provide your insights back to your team.

Additionally, you can direct your team to:

Help your team understand that the customer experience is critical to the work you do:

Project Teams

Utilize the UserTesting Platform to get executive buy-in approval on your design ideas and strategies. Here are some use cases, resources, and Test Plan templates to get your executives on board.

Get Buy-in

Use Case:

Your organization's goal is to increase the website lead conversion rate by 10%. You know there's an issue with the website design that is causing customers to drop off, but your leadership isn't aware of the problem.

  • Competitor Study - Run a competitor study and ask users to interact with one of your competitor's websites to understand what the competition is doing and learn from their successes.
  • Needs and Frustrations Discovery - Have users interact with your website to identify needs, pain points, and opportunities to improve customer experiences.
  • Highlight Reels - Gather clips from each study and create a short Highlight Reel showing executives clips of customers' experiences with the website and how they interact with competitors' websites. 

Now that you have executives' buy-in, you can move on to designing a solution.

Keep Executives in the Loop

Use Case:

As you build out the new website, keep design executives in the loop by hosting weekly design meetings. Go into the meeting with evidence; for example, show the design and have an executive summary to outline feedback. Below are some examples of testing you can include in your weekly meetings.

  • Rating Scale - Quickly pull insights from your tests and provide data to create charts and graphs to help convey to executives what users think about the new design.
  • Multiple Choice Questions - Use multiple choice questions to learn what stands out in your design and improve.
  • Comparison Test - Take the current website and new website design and conduct a comparison test using the Balanced Comparison feature to show the differences between the current and new designs.
  • Using UserTesting Metrics - Take the metrics from the rating scale and multiple-choice questions and report to executives on the progress. Use the metrics from the current experience and the design in progress to show executives how the value of learning from your users impacts the design.

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