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About customer profiles

  • EnjoyHQ can manage your customers and research participants across multiple channels to add more context to their feedback and track associated research activities.
  • With Customer Profiles you can:
    • Track and leverage customer data like personas, demographic considerations, environmental conditions, product usage patterns, last contact date, or other attributes.
    • Access all feedback associated with given customers.
    • View all Customer Segments that have been assigned to customers.



Create a customer profile

Customer Profiles can be automatically imported via integrations or the EnjoyHQ API, or they can be created directly in EnjoyHQ when viewing associated customer feedback. While viewing a document with no customer assigned, you can assign a customer by clicking on the Add Customer button in the Document's header section.


This will allow you to search for existing Customer Profiles by name or email address, or create a new Customer Profile by clicking the Create New Customer option.


When creating a new Customer Profile, you will need to add their Email and Name. Optionally you can also assign Customer Properties to the Customer Profile here.


Note: Email addresses don't have to be real, they just to be formatted properly. For example, an email address akin to "" is a valid email address and similar formatting can be used to add descriptive information or unique IDs while removing the need to add actual PII to Customer Profiles.



View a customer profile

To view full details for a Customer Profile associated with feedback, click the Customer in the Document's header section.


This will drill into the given Customer Profile, where you can view all their associated feedback, assign or remove Customer Properties, change the Customer, or remove the Customer from the Document.



Assign customer properties


Note: To update a Customer Property with a new value, remove the existing value and assign the new value.



Assign company attributes to customer properties

  • You can use Customer Properties to define attributes of the organization or company the Customer belongs to.
  • This can be done by prefixing a Customer Property's name with "company." (with a period between "company" and the given attribute's name). For example, "", "company.size", or "company.industry".
  • If these conventions are leveraged, company attributes display together at the bottom of Customer Profiles.



Import customer properties

  • EnjoyHQ will import Customer Properties from your integrations whenever possible.
  • Customer Properties and Customer Segments can also be imported to EnjoyHQ using our public API



Remove customer profiles from documents

While viewing a customer profile associated with a Document, click Remove to remove the customer profile.

Note: Once a Customer Profile is removed from all linked Documents, it will be deleted from your account after a short time. Please refer to the data retention policies for more details.



Permanently delete a Customer Profile

  1. Go to Search tab.
  2. Select the People section.

  3. Find the Customer Profile you'd like to delete.
  4. Click Delete.
    Delete bitton.png

Note: Once a Customer Profile is deleted, EnjoyHQ will not re-import that Customer Profile or the associated email from any connected integrations.




How are Documents associated with Customer Profiles?

EnjoyHQ links data to Customer Profiles by email addresses, so any Documents associated with the same email address will be connected to the same Customer Profile.



How do Customer Profiles import from integrations?

If a given Customer Profile doesn't already exist when data is imported with an associated customer email address, a new Customer Profile will be created and linked to the data.



Can EnjoyHQ's API be used to manage Customer Profiles?

Yes, the public API can be leveraged to update or remove potentially sensitive information coming from different sources without affecting our regular data synchronization process.



How can updates be made to Names in Customer Profiles?

To update the Name in a Customer Profile:

  1. Navigate to an associated Document and drill-into the given Customer Profile
  2. Click on the Change button
  3. From the dropdown, select the Create New Customer option
  4. Add in the new Name, but do not change the Email
  5. Finally, Save the updated Customer Profile



Can associated emails for Customer Profiles be updated?

Not at the moment.



Can I bulk add or remove Customer Properties from Customer Profiles?

Not at the moment.



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