Update a legacy Screener

Understand the new Screener Logic and learn how to update a Legacy Screener. This applies to all Screeners created before May 25, 2022.

Important Update: All legacy screeners had their logic reset by our systems on February 22, 2023. As a result, some Live studies were turned offline. To launch these studies again, configure your screener with new logic.

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👥 User roles: Owner, Admins, and Researchers
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About the new Screener Logic

  • New screener logic allows multi-select Screener questions to be marked as:
    • May select
    • Must select (Only available for Choice - Multiple Answers questions)
    • Disqualified
  • New screener logic automatically applies to:
    • Screeners created after May 25, 2022.
    • Old Screeners that have been updated to new Screener Logic.
  • Screeners that will not automatically have new Screener Logic include:
    • Screeners created before May 25, 2022
    • Studies duplicated with a Screener that includes legacy logic (Next/Screenout/End Screener)
    • Screeners added to the Screener Library before May 25, 2022
  • New screener logic does not allow you to redirect participants to other questions.
    • You can use the Advanced Screener to add conditions to achieve the same result.
    • The Advanced Screener is not available for Basic Usability Tests and Moderated studies.


Legacy Screeners (Created prior to May 25, 2022)

  • The ability to create a new Screener with the Legacy Logic (Next/Screenout/End Screener) ended on May 25, 2022.
  • Existing Screeners with Legacy Logic can be edited, updated, and launched as part of your study until November 2022. We recommend updating to the new Screener format for the best experience.
  • Legacy Screeners cannot be added to the Screener Library. Update to the new format, then save the Screener to your Library.
  • The Legacy Screeners section in your Screener Library includes all Screeners created before May 25, 2022.



Update a Legacy Screener to the new Screener Logic

  1. Go to the Screener created before May 25, 2022. You'll see this message:
  2. In the banner, click Update Screener
    Important: When updating to the new screener, all screener logic is reset and has to be reconfigured.
  3. If needed, further configure your screener as necessary.



Update a Legacy Screener in the Screener Library

  1. Go to the Recruitment section of a study with a Screener that you don't mind editing.
  2. Select Screener in the menu on the left.
  3. Click Screener Library screener_library_button.jpg at the top right.
  4. Scroll to the Legacy Screener section and choose the Screener to update.
  5. Click Use Screener use_screener_button.jpg.
    • If your study already has a screener, you'll have to replace it. 
    • In the Replace Screener pop-up, click Yes, Replace Screener yes_replace_sreener_button.jpg.
  6. Follow the steps in Update a Legacy Screener to the new Screener Logic.
  7. Click Add to Screener Library add_to_screener_library.jpg.
  8. Go back to the Screener Library.
  9. Scroll to the Legacy Screeners section.
  10. Click the Trash Can icon next to the Legacy Screener that was copied to delete it.
  11. In the Delete Screener pop-up, click Delete.



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