UserTesting for Product Teams

At a Glance

Product teams use UserTesting to design, build and optimize product experiences by getting feedback at every stage in the product development process.


You have one goal: ensure your product meets your customer's needs. UserTesting can help you leverage human insight to better understand and empathize with your audience and build better products that are more customer-centric.

Here are some use cases, resources, and Test Plan templates to get your team rolling.

Explore and Discover

Get to know your customers and uncover their needs and pain points. Or get a better understanding of where your product falls short.

Compare Product Solutions

Gain a competitive edge that determines an innovative product strategy, vision, and timeline by comparing your product solutions against your competitors.

Evaluate Ideas

Evaluate product ideas to determine which ideas are valuable, feasible, and most relevant to your customer's needs before they hit the market.

Launch and Post-Launch

Once the product or feature has launched, test immediately with customers to get insights on engagement, adoption, conversion, and feedback.

To learn more about how product teams can utilize the UserTesting Platform, take the Jumpstart with UserTesting for Product Managers course.

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