Jumpstart Series FAQs



What is the Jumpstart Series?

The Jumpstart Series consists of instructor-led and on-demand training courses and resources for individuals to get started using the UserTesting Platform. These courses will help develop best practices and build skills with confidence.

Who would benefit most from the Jumpstart Series?

  • All new UserTesting customers
  • New users of an existing UserTesting account
  • Customers that need a refresher on UserTesting

Which courses should I take? Jumpstart live series or the on-demand courses?

All new users should take the Jumpstart Live series, as it is an essential part of your UserTesting onboarding journey. If you would then like to take a deeper dive through more use cases and ways to get started with UserTesting, the on-demand courses are for you. On-demand courses are also recommended if you cannot attend live sessions. If you missed a live session and want to take it on-demand instead, see below to know which on-demand courses are equivalent to each Jumpstart Live course.

Jumpstart Live Course Jumpstart On-Demand Equivalent
Jumpstartfor Admins UserTesting Admin Basics
Jumpstart 101: Welcome to UserTesting Platform Basics AND Preparing for Your Test
Jumpstart 102: Targeting Your Audience Finding Your Right Audience
Jumpstart 103: Creating Tests with Templates Setting Up Your Test in the Platform
Jumpstart 104: Analyzing and Sharing Results Pulling Insights from Your Test AND Sharing Insights from Your Tests
Jumpstart Rapid Sessions All Jumpstart on-demand courses (excluding UserTesting Admin Basics)


Where do I register for Jumpstart?

You can register within UserTesting University here.

I missed my live Jumpstart course. What should I do?

The live Jumpstart courses are held daily, more than once a day. We highly recommend registering for the next available session that fits your schedule. If there are no additional sessions that fit your schedule, we suggest on-demand courses.

Are recordings of the Jumpstart live series available?

At the present time, we are not offering recordings of the Jumpstart live series. The live series is meant to be an interactive experience and best consumed in person (virtually). If you would like to learn more at your own pace, the on-demand courses are specifically designed just for that.

I’m having issues registering and/or logging in for the Jumpstart Live Series. To whom can I reach out?

For technical issues related to registering or logging in to your live Jumpstart course, reach out to jumpstart@usertesting.com for help.

The links in this document aren’t working. What should I do?

You must first have created an UserTesting account and logged in to UserTesting University once previously for the links to work. After doing this and if you are still encountering issues, please reach out to support@usertesting.com.

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