Jumpstart Series FAQs


What is the Jumpstart Series?

The Jumpstart Series consists of resources for individuals to get started using the UserTesting Platform, including instructor-led and on-demand training courses. These courses will help develop best practices and build skills with confidence.

Who would benefit most from the Jumpstart Series?

  • All New UserTesting customers
  • New users of an existing UserTesting account
  • Customers that need a refresher on UserTesting

Is there an extra cost associated with Jumpstart?

No, Jumpstart is included with your UserTesting subscription.

How do I complete the Jumpstart series? 

The Jumpstart series is considered complete when courses 101 through 104 have been completed.  This can be through a combination of live and on-demand, all on-demand, or all live sessions.  The Jumpstart Admin and Jumpstart Workshop courses are optional.

What are the courses offered?
Jumpstart Live Course Overview

In this instructor-led live series, you will learn how to create and launch tests within the UserTesting Platform. You will also learn best practices to gather insights and share those findings with team members and stakeholders.  You can engage with instructors and peers to get questions answered in real-time.  You will also receive resources from the University and CommUnity to reference for future use. You can enroll for the Jumpstart live series here. If you cannot attend live sessions, you can enroll in the on-demand courses.

  • Jumpstart 101-104: Consists of 4 individual 30-minute sessions, with an additional 30-minute course just for admins.  It is suggested that these courses are taken in order.
  • Jumpstart Rapid sessions: Jumpstart 101-104 back-to-back in a 2.5 hour session.
  • Jumpstart Power Block 101 & 102: Jumpstart 101-102 back-to-back in a 1 hour session.
  • Jumpstart Power Block 103 & 104: Jumpstart 103-104 back-to-back in a 1 hour session.
  • Jumpstart Workshop: Launch and analyze your first test: Customers MUST complete the entire Jumpstart Series (101-104) before attending.  During this 1 hour workshop, our Learning Consultants will assist creators/seat holders in creating and launching their first pilot test, as well as help viewers/collaborators review and analyze their first test results. 
  • Jumpstart for Admins: 30-minute session, covering the roles and responsibilities of the UserTesting Administrator.  To get the most benefit from this course, please review your subscription type before attending (Flex Plan or Seat Based).


Jumpstart for Admins

Focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the administrator. Covers tips for managing testing capacity on Flex Plans.

  • Understand roles and responsibilities
  • Invite and assign team members
  • Set permissions
Jumpstart 101: Welcome to UserTesting

A comprehensive overview of where to find key features within the platform.

  • Layout of UT Platform
  • UT University
  • CommUnity
Jumpstart 102: Targeting Your Audience Target audiences by utilizing networks, and screener question best practices.
  • Utilize contributor networks
  • Best practices for demographic filters
  • Create screener questions and fix common mistakes
Jumpstart 103: Creating Tests with Templates Translate business objectives into test plans.
  • Create a test plan based on objectives
  • Develop best practices for writing test plans
  • Utilize templates to create tests more efficiently
Jumpstart 104: Analyzing Results and Sharing Insights

Discover how to efficiently analyze test results, and share insights with team members and stakeholders.

  • Analyze results from video sessions
  • Create clips and highlight reels
  • Walk through various methods of sharing insights

Jumpstart Workshop: Launch and Analyze Your First Test

Attendees will apply their learnings from Jumpstart 101-104 and get help with launching or analyzing their first pilot test during this 1 hour workshop.

  • MUST complete Jumpstart 101-104 before attending
  • MUST complete this worksheet before attending
  • Creators/seat holders will create and launch their first pilot test
  • Viewers/collaborators will review and analyze their first set of test results


Jumpstart On-Demand Course Offering

The Jumpstart On-Demand Series provides you with the flexibility and convenience of learning the UserTesting Platform at your own pace on your own time.  The Jumpstart On-Demand Series consists of 7 courses that you can access anytime. These courses cover everything from planning a study, setting up a test, to sharing insights.

On-Demand Courses: Customers can enroll for the Jumpstart On-Demand Series here.

  • Jumpstart On-Demand for Admins
  • Jumpstart On-Demand 101a: Platform Basics
  • Jumpstart On-Demand 101b: Preparing for Your Test
  • Jumpstart On-Demand 102: Finding Your Right Audience
  • Jumpstart On-Demand 103: Setting Up Your Test in the Platform
  • Jumpstart On-Demand 104a: Pulling Insights from Your Test
  • Jumpstart On-Demand 104b: Sharing Insights from Your Tests

Which courses should I take? Jumpstart Live Series, or the on-demand courses?

All new users should take the Jumpstart series, as it is an essential part of your UserTesting onboarding journey. Our Jumpstart live, virtual sessions are best for those who prefer an interactive, instructor-led training. On-demand courses are recommended if you cannot attend live sessions and prefer to learn at your own pace, on your own time. If preferred, a combination of on-demand and live, instructor-led trainings can be taken to complete the Jumpstart series.  The chart below illustrates the on-demand and live course equivalencies.

Jumpstart Live Course Jumpstart On-Demand Equivalent

Jumpstart for Admins

UserTesting Admin Basics

Jumpstart 101: Welcome to UserTesting

Platform Basics and Preparing for Your Test

Jumpstart 102: Targeting Your Audience

Finding Your Right Audience

Jumpstart 103: Creating Tests with Templates

Setting Up Your Test in the Platform

Jumpstart 104: Analyzing and Sharing Results

Pulling Insights from Your Test and Sharing Insights from Your Tests

Jumpstart Rapid Sessions

All Jumpstart on-demand courses (excluding UserTesting Admin Basics)

Jumpstart Power Block: 101 & 102

Platform Basics, Preparing for Your Test, and Finding Your Right Audience

Jumpstart Power Block: 103 & 104

Setting Up Your Test in the Platform, Pulling Insights from Your Test, and Sharing Insights from Your Tests

Jumpstart Workshop: Launch or analyze your first test

No on-demand equivalent


Are recordings of the Jumpstart live series available?
At the present time, we are not offering recordings of the Jumpstart live series. The live series is meant to be an interactive experience and best consumed in person (virtually). If you would like to learn more at your own pace, the on-demand courses are specifically designed just for that.

I'm having issues registering and/or logging in for the Jumpstart Live Series. To whom can I reach out?
For technical issues related to registering or logging in to your live Jumpstart course, reach out to jumpstart@usertesting.com for help.

The links in this document aren't working. What should I do?
You must first have created an UserTesting account and logged in to UserTesting University once previously for the links to work. After doing this, and you are still encountering issues, please reach out to support@usertesting.com.


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