Jumpstart Series: Live Courses


Welcome to UserTesting! To help you get started, the UserTesting University team has developed a series of courses for new customers, like you. By taking these virtual, instructor-led courses, you will learn how to create and launch tests, and analyze results within the UserTesting platform. In addition, you’ll develop best practices, and build skills with confidence.

The Jumpstart Live Series is offered twice daily, and with multiple options:

  • Jumpstart 101-104: Consists of four, individual 30-minute sessions.  It is suggested that these courses are taken in numeric order.
  • Jumpstart Rapid: 101-104: Jumpstart 101-104 back-to-back in a two-and-a-half-hour session.
  • Jumpstart Power Blocks: Jumpstart 101-102 back-to-back in a one-hour session, and Jumpstart 103-104 back-to-back in a one-hour session.
  • Jumpstart for Admins: 30-minute session, covering the roles and responsibilities of the UserTesting Administrator.  To get the most benefit from this course, please review your subscription type before attending (Flex Plan or Seat Based). 

Below is a detailed description of what you can expect from each of our courses, and links to register. If you would like to learn more about our Jumpstart Series and on-demand course options, check out our Jumpstart FAQs.

Click on the course name to be taken to UserTesting University, and to view the course schedule and enroll (you must first have created a UserTesting account). 




Jumpstart for Admins

Focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the administrator. Covers tips for managing testing capacity on Flex Plans.

  • Understand roles and responsibilities
  • Invite and assign team members
  • Set permissions
Jumpstart 101: Welcome to UserTesting

A comprehensive overview of where to find key features within the platform.

  • Layout of UT Platform
  • UT University
  • CommUnity
Jumpstart 102: Targeting Your Audience Target audiences by utilizing networks, and screener question best practices.
  • Utilize contributor networks
  • Best practices for demographic filters
  • Create screener questions and fix common mistakes
Jumpstart 103: Creating Tests with Templates Translate business objectives into test plans.
  • Create a test plan based on objectives
  • Develop best practices for writing test plans
  • Utilize templates to create tests more efficiently
Jumpstart 104: Analyzing Results and Sharing Insights

Discover how to efficiently analyze test results, and share insights with team members and stakeholders.

  • Analyze results from video sessions
  • Create clips and highlight reels
  • Walk through various methods of sharing insights
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