UserTesting Integration for Fuel Cycle (Beta)

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Distribute tests to your Fuel Cycle community members seamlessly and securely from the UserTesting platform. Solicit feedback from your own customers, manage your customer panels, and conduct enhanced journey testing with the Fuel Cycle integration.


How It Works

How to Set It Up

Template for Fuel Cycle Activity Card

Frequently Asked Questions


How It Works

The UserTesting integration for Fuel Cycle Exchange allows you to efficiently reach and manage networks of your own customers that have already been established via Fuel Cycle communities. 

Distribute desktop-based tests to Fuel Cycle community members directly from the UserTesting Platform. They will then leverage the seamless recorder and be directed to Fuel Cycle upon completion. Community members’ UserIDs are stored with the test sessions, so when viewing results in the UserTesting Platform you will be able to match contributors with the sessions.

How to Set It Up

Connect your Fuel Cycle and UserTesting accounts

1. Log in to Fuel Cycle and navigate to the FCX Marketplace via the Exchange tab.


2. Within the FCX Marketplace, select UserTesting and click Request more information to request an API key and token to be used with UserTesting.


3. Once the request is made, a member of the Fuel Cycle team will email the API key and token to you within two business days.


4. Copy the API key and token and login to UserTesting. Navigate to the Integrations page under your Settings. Select Connect under the Fuel Cycle integration.


5. Paste the API key and token into the Fuel Cycle fields to connect the two accounts.


Launch the test to your Fuel Cycle community members

1. Create a new unmoderated website test.

Note: Live Conversation and mobile testing with Fuel Cycle is forthcoming. 


2. Next, choose Build audience for the people you want to test with. 


3. Give your test a name (this will help you locate your test when you navigate to Fuel Cycle in the following steps). Then click on Select audience and choose Create from scratch.


4. Select Fuel Cycle community from the Contributor network options.


5. Build your test plan and launch your test as you typically would.

Note: Short tests and Five Second Tests are not available because they are not supported in the seamless recorder yet. Camera tasks are not supported because tests with Fuel Cycle members are limited to desktops only. 

You will then be prompted to complete several steps within Fuel Cycle. You can also notify team members via Slack or email about the results to this test.


6. Navigate to your Fuel Cycle community and select Create New under the Activities tab to create an activity. If you need some inspiration for filling out your activity card, see our template below.


7. In the Description tab, add an FCX study block. Select the study that matches the name of your UserTesting test and publish the activity.


8. View the session results in the UserTesting Platform. Fuel Cycle members’ usernames will be attached to each session so that you can match results to individual members. 


Template for Fuel Cycle Activity Card

The following is content you can include and customize on your activity card in Fuel Cycle. The content helps your community members know what to expect when taking a test with UserTesting. 

Main Content

Ready to tell us what you think in a video session powered by UserTesting?

About UserTesting

UserTesting is a platform that lets us get valuable feedback from our users.

You’ll be asked to speak your thoughts out loud as you move through a series of tasks and questions. You will also be required to share your screen and microphone audio and, depending on the session, your camera. This helps to provide more nuanced feedback.

Things to remember

  • When you’re performing tasks and answering questions, there are no wrong answers. Just give us your honest opinion!
  • Criticism is good feedback. Don’t be shy about pointing out things that look strange, don’t work, or could be improved.

How to prepare

Find a quiet, distraction-free place to record your session. Make sure you have enough time to complete the recording—sessions usually take around 20 minutes, but you can take as much time as you need.

When you’re ready to begin, select “Get started.” You’ll be taken to the UserTesting Platform and given more detailed instructions and guidance before your session begins.


Get started


Share your perspective

Short blurb (54 characters)

Help us improve by giving feedback on a website, product, or service.

Longer blurb without image (204 characters)

Help us improve by giving feedback on a website, product, or service.

Interact with our digital experience by performing tasks and speaking out loud. You will be asked to share your screen, microphone, and camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of tests does this integration support?

This integration only supports PC-based unmoderated tests. Live Conversations and mobile testing are currently not supported.

Q: Can I add more contributors after launching my test?

A: While you can add additional audiences UserTesting has recruited, you cannot add more contributors to your Fuel Cycle audience. You can, however, add contributors from Custom Network and Invite Network. If you want to test with more Fuel Cycle community members, create a similar test.

Q: What metrics are available after contributors complete my test?

A: All metrics are available except for Interactive Path Flows, intent paths, and sentiment paths.

Q: What do I do if I don’t have access to Fuel Cycle? 

A: If your organization has a Fuel Cycle account, contact your administrator. If your organization does not already have a Fuel Cycle account, visit to request a demo or contact a sales representative.

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