Seamless Recorder for Invite Network: FAQs

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The Seamless recorder for Invite Network (formerly My Recruit) allows you to invite your own contributors to take a UserTesting test with a click of a link -- no downloadable recorder required. Read the FAQ for more information.


What is different with the Seamless recorder for Invite Network?

With our Seamless desktop recorder, your test contributors only need a test link to get started. By clicking the link, the contributor will automatically begin sharing their perspective without downloading any software or extensions. This creates a seamless experience for the contributor and gets you faster feedback. To learn more, please read the Seamless recorder for Invite Network article


What UserTesting features are not supported with the Seamless recorder for Invite Network?

  • Analytics and visualizations: You will not receive any analytics and visualizations. This means no Interactive Path Flows, test metrics, and session analytics. You will get a video, the transcript, and sentiment analysis.
  • Mobile tests: This recorder is only for desktop tests. 
  • Live Conversation: These sessions use Zoom, so Live Conversation Invite Network contributors will not utilize our Seamless recorder. However, they will need to join a Zoom meeting on their computer or mobile device.


What are some key use cases for the Seamless recorder?

With our Seamless recorder and Invite Network, you can:

  • Capture feedback from your B2B customers: Since our recorder doesn’t require a download of any external software, targeting B2B personas within corporate firewalls is possible. 
  • Intercept users for feedback in real-time: Create an Invite Network test to generate a test link. Add this link to any in-product messaging tools, live chat software, or anywhere you can embed a link. Contributors will only need to click on the link to start giving feedback—without ever leaving their browser.
  • Generate team member engagement with internal testing: Quickly solicit feedback from employees and other internal audiences. The Seamless recorder makes it possible to get team member feedback regardless of internal security measures.


What web browsers are compatible with the Seamless recorder?

The Seamless recorder is supported in the following browsers:

  • Chrome - current version and the previous version
  • Safari - current version only
  • Firefox - current version and the previous version
  • Edge - current version and the previous version


Are the videos different with the new recorder?

Yes, the video output will look a little different. Invite Network videos utilize a tab structure allowing contributors one tab for the tasks and another tab for the testing asset. Testing prompts will never block testing assets. To learn more, please read the Seamless recorder for Invite Network article


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