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UserTesting University provides help articles and educational training courses to help you improve your use of the UserTesting platform.


The UserTesting University consists of two main properties

  • The Knowledgebase is open-access and contains articles to help you use the UserTesting platform for all your research needs. You are in the Knowledgebase now!
  • The Training site requires a login and provides access to live and on-demand training courses, which allow you to dive deeper into ways of collecting insights and building a customer-centric organization.

You can freely explore the Knowledgebase, but to take any of the courses, you need to log in.

  • If your company is already using UserTesting, coordinate with the team that has your UserTesting license. They can add you as a Viewer so that you can see a little of the platform and also consume our training content.
  • If your company is not already using UserTesting, review this page that outlines UserTesting's plans or explore other areas of our public Website.

Also, for a quick two-minute overview of the platform, watch this video.


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