Preview for Mobile


At a Glance

Preview for mobile enables you to review your mobile test for quality and accuracy before launch and see the full test experience exactly as a contributor would.


Key Features

  • Scan a QR code displayed on your desktop computer using your mobile device. iOS users are dropped into the preview. Android users must first download the UserTesting app to begin.
  • Preview for mobile supports mobile web tests, web tests, and third-party URL links, as well as securely hosted prototypes and assets.
  • Available for all accounts on the flex usage-based and seat-based plans and in all regions.

How It Works

1. Select Preview Test on the test plan editor.


2. Scan the QR code with a mobile device.


3. iOS users are taken to the mobile test exactly as a contributor will experience it. 



4. Android users are taken to the Google Play store the first time to download the UserTesting app before beginning the test preview. 

5. If you have trouble accessing the test on your mobile device, or the recorder is blocked by your firewall, click quick preview to view the test on your desktop.


6. If you want to preview the mobile test experience again, scan the QR code. 

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