Using UserTesting for Marketing

At a Glance

Marketing teams use UserTesting to collect feedback and glean insights for a variety of initiatives. Get on-demand feedback from customers on marketing campaigns, branding, copy, and much more.


How can UserTesting Help Marketing Teams?

As a Marketer, you can collect feedback on virtually anything across your marketing strategy. Here are some examples:

Get Feedback On Examples
Attitudes and Behaviors

Brand Perceptions

Buying Behavior

Survey Validation

Digital Marketing

Subject Line Validation

Email Copy & Design

Pre/Post - A/B Testing

Customer Journey

Customer Mapping


Shop Alongs

Messaging & Creative

Ad Creative Validation

Imagery & Merchandising

Spot TV Testing

Online & Ecommerce

Website Validation


Mobile App Validation & Design

Market Research

Pricing & Packaging

Competitive Intel


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