Experiencing the UserTesting Platform in German

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The UserTesting platform is available for testing customer experiences in German. Whether you are testing with people on the UserTesting Contributor Network or with your own networks, contributors will be onboarded, notified, and tested entirely in German.


How to Change Your Language Settings

Features Available in German

Setting Up a Test for German-Speaking Contributors

German Contributor Experience


How to Change Your Language Settings

To experience the UserTesting platform in German, you will need to check your web browser settings. For instance, if your web browser language is set to German, then you will experience the platform in German. If your web browser language is set to English, then you will experience the platform in English. 

For Chrome browsers, there are two ways to change your settings:

Locale switching plugin

  1. Add the Locale Switcher extension from the Chrome store.
  2. Click on the Extensions puzzle icon next to the URL bar.
  3. Open the locale extension and select German from the dropdown menu.

Changing the language via your browser settings

  1. Go to your Chrome browser settings menu.
  2. On the left-hand side, select Advanced > Languages.
  3. Click Language > Add Language.
  4. Select German Deutsch, then click Add.
  5. Open the ellipses menu next to German and select Move to the top.

You can switch between the German product experience and the English product experience by changing your browser settings. 

Features Available in German

All UserTesting features are available in our German product experience. 

UserTesting also has German language templates. The following is a list of current German language templates that can be found in the Template Gallery.

  • Ad testing
  • Buyer persona characteristics
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Visual design evaluation
  • Mobile app evaluation
  • Website evaluation
  • Concept validation
  • Website comparison
  • Prototype evaluation


There are some features that are not fully translated or do not work with German-speaking contributors.

These features are available in our German product experience, but the entire experience is not translated into German:

  • Information Architecture - These test types include card sorting, tree testing, prioritization matrix, and SUS+. If you choose any of these IA test types, you will set up your test plan in German. While the IA test set-up experience is in English, you can fill out the test details in German. You will also receive your results in German. The contributor experience of that test will all be in German.
  • UserTesting Integrations - The Settings page is in German, as well as the descriptions for each integration. If you click on any of the integrations, the experience will switch to English.

This feature is available in our German product experience; however, it will only work with English speaking contributors:

  • Keyword map - This feature is currently in open beta and only available in English. German customers can still test with English-speaking contributors. While the words in the keyword map will be in English, the rest of the results page will be in German.   

Setting Up a Test for German-Speaking Contributors

To create a test targeting German-speaking contributors, start from the audience selection page in the test launcher. Select language requirements from the list of filters.

Note: The default language for contributors is English, and the default country is all countries. If you want to focus on contributors located in Germany, you'll have to choose "Germany" from the Countries filter.


From this filter, select German. This is now the language the contributor will be prompted to speak during the test. 


Contributors who’ve indicated they speak German (and meet your other demographic requirements) will automatically receive the screener question below (as well as your other screener questions). This screener doesn’t count against any screener limitations your account may have.


After you launch your test and receive feedback, your videos will come with German transcripts.

German Contributor Experience

Our entire contributor experience is in German as well. Contributors can access the German product through the same settings in their web browser or mobile device settings. 

Keep in mind that some of our contributors speak multiple languages and may have their browser or device settings in English. If you want them to change their language settings to German, add instructions telling them to do so in the Other requirements section under Filters.


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