Data Residency: EU Session Data Storage


UserTesting customers can now choose between the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) to store their data when their account is created, allowing compliance with internal, government, and third-party regulators’ data residency requirements. 

UserTesting offers data residency options for new accounts on all editions of the usage-based pricing model. Data residency gives global organizations more control over where their data is stored. When customers choose to store data in the EU, the main data center is in Frankfurt, Germany and the backup data center is in Stockholm, Sweden. To learn more about security and data residency at UserTesting, get in touch with us today.



What data is stored where?

Session data from UserTesting, including video files, audio files, transcripts, and clickstreams are stored in the chosen data region. All other data (including test plans, written answers to questions, screener results, IPA and APK) are stored in the US.

Are there any changes to how or where data is processed?

No. Currently, all data is processed in the US.

If I host my data to a new region, will anything else change?

No. Your teams will enjoy the same UserTesting experience and features they use today.


How UserTesting Keeps Your Data Secure

For more information on how UserTesting keeps data secure, see our information about Security.

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