Disabling Flex on the Flex Plan


If you want to restrict the ability to consume Session Units over your committed testing capacity, you have the option to disable flex on your flex plan.

Flex usage allows you to continue scheduling and launching tests after your account has consumed all Session Units on your committed testing capacity. Disabling flex means that you can prevent users on your account from launching tests and consuming Session Units beyond your committed usage. 

For example, if you run a test that consumes 100 Session Units, and your account only has 50 Session Units left, having flex enabled allows you to run the test and consume the extra Session Units beyond your committed usage. If you disable flex, you will not be able to run tests that consume more Session Units than your Available Session Unit amount. You can find your Available Session Units in the Usage Summary of your Usage and History Dashboard.

Note: You can turn flex back on at any time by contacting your Customer Success Manager. 

How Disabling Flex Works

To disable flex, send a request to your CSM asking to have flex disabled from your account.

When flex is disabled, users with test creation permissions will see a banner at the top of the UserTesting dashboard explaining, “Your account doesn’t have enough Session Units to launch a new test. You can still edit tests or create drafts. Reach out to your admin for help.”


If a user with test creation permissions tries to add participants (sessions) to a test from the dashboard, Add participants will be disabled in the dropdown and they will not be able to add more sessions.


If a user creates a new unmoderated test or Live Conversation, a banner will appear at the top notifying them that they will not be able to launch the test but can save it as a draft for later. They may launch when more Session Units are added to the account.


If a user clicks into an already launched test and tries to add a session from the test details page, Add participants will be disabled in the dropdown and they will not be able to add more sessions to the existing test.


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