No-Install Recorder for My Recruit (Beta)

My Recruit gives you the ability to reach out to unique audiences that you may already know that would otherwise be difficult to recruit for testing. We’ve recently made some improvements—read on to learn more.


My Recruit now utilizes our no-install desktop recorder and enables participants to launch into an unmoderated test directly from a link—making it easier for anyone to start taking tests on the UserTesting platform. Tap into insights from employees, existing customers, industry experts, and people within unique demographics faster and easier than ever before.

Create and launch a study with anyone at any time. Participants can simply start giving feedback with a simple click of a button; this means you can easily reach more customers, prospects, or partners to capture insights and ultimately improve your customer experience. Get results faster with even more audiences with My Recruit.

Key Use Cases

With our no-install recorder and My Recruit, you can:

  • Capture feedback from your B2B customers: Since our new recorder doesn’t require a download of any external software, targeting B2B personas within corporate firewalls is now possible. 
  • Intercept users for feedback in real-time: Simply create a My Recruit test to generate a test link. Add this link to any in-product messaging tools, live chat software, or anywhere you can embed a link. Participants will only need to click on the link to start giving feedback—without ever leaving their browser.
  • Generate employee engagement with internal testing: Quickly solicit feedback from employees and other internal audiences. The no-install recorder makes it possible to get feedback from employees regardless of internal security measures.

How It Works

With our no-install desktop recorder, your test participants only need a test link to get started. By clicking the link, the participant will automatically be able to start sharing their perspective without having to download any software or extensions. This creates a seamless experience for the participant and allows you to get feedback even faster. See the video below to see how quickly a person can start a test.


The beginning of a test from the participant point of view.

The recorder is only available for unmoderated tests and is compatible with the four most commonly used web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. For instructions on how to create a My Recruit test, please visit the My Recruit Overview article

My Recruit videos utilize a new tab structure allowing participants one tab for the tasks and another tab for the testing asset. Testing prompts will never block testing assets. See the video below to see this tab structure in action.

Video output from a My Recruit no-install recorder

Who Is This For

My Recruit with the no-install recorder is currently in alpha and only a select number of customers have access. 

Test participant recruitment, compensation, and communication are managed directly by the customer so studies can be launched anytime, with anyone.

Customers who prefer to have UserTesting recruit and manage the study can still do so through our Professional Services group.

Note: Live Conversation sessions use Zoom, so Live Conversation My Recruit participants will not be utilizing our no-install recorder but will need to be able to join a Zoom meeting on their computer or mobile device.

Features Not Yet Supported

  • Enhanced metrics - You will not receive any enhanced metrics. [This means no interactive path flows, no test metrics, no heat maps, no session analytics. You will get a video, the transcript, and sentiment analysis.]
  • Participant view - During this phase of development, this feature is not supported. Please do not select this feature in the test launcher when creating a My Recruit test. 
  • Five-second task type - During this phase of development, this feature is not supported. Please do not select this feature in the test launcher when creating a My Recruit test. 
  • Mobile test - This recorder is only for desktop tests.

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