My Panel: Understanding Participant Compensation


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This article explains the “Turn off participant payments” My Panel feature in the UserTesting Platform and offers some insight into when you might want that feature enabled.


When Should I Enable “Turn off participant payments”?

When first creating a My Panel, you can choose whether to enable or disable participant payments. You cannot edit this option once the panel has been created without removing all of the participants from the panel. 

When testing with your My Panel, there may be some cases where participants will not be compensated. These include:

  • Testing with your employees
  • Testing with an organization that cannot accept payments (e.g. charities and non-profits)
  • Offering alternative compensation such as vouchers

How the Feature Works 

Unlike the UserTesting Panel where all participants are automatically paid by UserTesting after completing tests, this feature allows you to decide if your My Panel is compensated.


When setting up your panel, be sure to decide on how you are going to compensate the panel and either select or deselect this checkbox. UserTesting compensates participants via PayPal.

Note: In the case you where to turn off payments and choose not to collect PII, you may want to ask participants at the end of the test to share their email so you can make sure they are compensated.


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