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A Viewer is a license account role assigned by your company’s designated admin who can add, remove, and edit team members from a UserTesting account. These account roles give user-specific privileges to access certain features of the UserTesting test sessions. 


Note: If you have a seat-based account, the Viewer role is referred to as "Collaborator," and this role encompasses all the same functions as the Viewer. Therefore, all of the information below for the Viewer is also applicable to the (seat-based account) "Collaborator" role. Both the Viewer and the Collaborator users cannot run tests in the Platform, but can review drafts and the results of tests that other users have run.

Essentially, the Viewer and Collaborator roles are for people who need to view test results and share insights from them, but do not need to create tests. The following information elaborates more on these roles, but for simplicity's sake, will be referred to as Viewer only. 

For more information on all of the roles, please see this article.  


What is a Viewer?

What Can a Viewer Do?

Why Invite Viewers?

Types of Viewers

How Do Viewer Account Roles Get Assigned?


What is a Viewer?

A Viewer has access to many features on the UserTesting platform. They can view videos, conduct analysis, create clips and create highlight reels. Having this access to the UserTesting platform allows you to understand the voice of the customer and share insights throughout your organization.

What Can a Viewer Do?

A Viewer has access to the following features of the UserTesting test sessions: 

A viewer can:

  • Access completed results, including all data available in the following tabs:
      • Sessions
      • Metrics
      • Summary
      • Details
  • View Videos
  • Create Clips
  • Create Highlight Reels
  • Share findings

A viewer cannot:

  • Create Test
  • Launch Test
  • View drafts from a shared link (A Viewer can only view drafts from within the dashboard)

Why Invite Viewers?

The Viewer role has several benefits. Invite Viewers to your account to:

  • Assist with test session projects.
  • Gain insights from customers and build empathy with the end-users.

Types of Viewers

Listed below are ways Viewers engage in the platform: 

Researcher and Designer

  • Researchers review test results to gather insights to craft/inform personas. 
  • This role reviews and shares findings to support actionable recommendations. Designers want to see the results first hand and create annotations and clips as they iterate on their designs and next steps from the test.

Learn more: Master Class: Expedited Analysis

Managers, Executives, and Senior Stakeholders

  • Managers and executives who wish to interact firsthand with test studies and results to better understand test plans and outcomes.
  • Managers, executives, and stakeholders are added to watch a highlight reel or a video clip from a test to observe and provide feedback while creating team ownership.
  • Managers who want to oversee projects run by their team but won't launch a test themselves.

How Do Viewer Account Roles Get Assigned?

Viewer account roles get assigned by your company’s designated admin, who can add, remove, and edit team members from a UserTesting account.

To learn more about assigning the Viewer role, see Additional Resources.


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