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This article explains how to understand your Session Unit usage displayed in your Usage and History Dashboard. The Session rate card in this article will help you determine how many Session Units your tests will consume. For further guidance on managing Session Units when planning your tests, check out our course on Managing and Using Your Flexible Usage-Based Plan.

What is the Session Rate Card?

A Session Unit (SU) is a metric that helps you measure your use of the UserTesting platform. The Session rate card represents the amount of Session Units charged per test participant for each session. 

A session counts as one participant taking a test. Every test comes with a range of functionality for each session completed, including recruiting, incentive payments, video recordings, transcripts, analytics, machine learning, and storage.

How to Read the Session Rate Card


The Session rate card shows how many SUs are charged per participant based on the test type and panel type.

  • Under Session Type, you can find SU rates by panel, such as the UserTesting Panel, My Panel, or My Recruit.
  • Under Unmoderated Test, you can find SU rates for short test, standard tests (e.g. prototype evaluation, website comparison, tree tests, card sorts, etc.), and Quick Answers. Note that a short test feature must be selected by you before the test launch. Participants may end a short test after five minutes. 
  • Under Live Conversation, you can find SU rates for the first 30 minutes of a test and each additional 30 minutes of a test. A session consists of the video and metrics of a recorded test, or the video of a single interview of a Live Conversation. 

The value of the SU is calculated per session, and the rate varies by the test type and length, as well as session type (or, how the participant was recruited). After launching a test, each session that a participant completes consumes a specific number of SUs.

For example:

  • If you launch a Quick Answer test with 6 participants from the UserTesting Panel, that test is 60 SUs. 
  • If you launch a 60-minute Live Conversation with 5 participants from My Panel, that test is 70 SUs. 

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