Understanding the Free Test

UserTesting’s free test experience offers a limited preview of the full platform’s toolkit. The one-time test is launched using a web link, your contact details, and some information about your business. This short experience provides a quick introduction to the world of user feedback!

Your free test uses a fixed template of common user experience questions to provide valuable insights. The test uses this broad set of tasks to increase the chance of your test being completed within a few hours.

Who takes your free test?

UserTesting offers access to a global network of people ready to participate in tests—referred to as ‘participants’. Our panel of test participants is an ever-growing and diverse group, each of whom has been verified by the UserTesting team.

During your free test experience, the prewritten tasks and questions are made available to our testing panel at large. When the test is complete, you get a screen recording of a participant thinking out loud in English as they carry out the tasks.

What your free test looks like

The participant who accepts your test will be taken through the following tasks and questions.

Task 1 (verbal response)

Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

Task 2 (URL is launched)

(Note: the test participant will be taken to the URL added at the start of the test)

You have been taken to a new page. What is your first impression of this page?

Task 3 (participant explores content)

What is the first thing you want to do on this page? Go ahead and do it, and describe your experience.

Task 4 (verbal response)

How was your experience with this page? Was there anything in particular that you liked or disliked?

Task 5 (verbal response)

Any final thoughts, comments, or suggestions?

What your result looks like

Your free test is completed by one participant. This person will record their screen and voice while exploring and reviewing the linked content.

Your result page will include the video recording, details about your test participant, and a breakdown of the tasks and questions.

Although this is a one-time test, you will be able to return to your result page as often as you like to rewatch the feedback and share the video with colleagues.

What’s next?

While your free test uses fixed tasks to guarantee fast feedback, writing your own specific questions and tasks is important for gaining deep insights.

The full UserTesting platform offers the ability to create tests from scratch, customize your demographics and filters, and even create notes and clips for more detailed analysis.



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