Usage and History Dashboard


This article provides an overview of the new Usage and History Dashboard for the usage-based pricing model, as well as how to check your usage of the UserTesting platform. To read about reporting for the seat-based pricing model, go to Usage Reports.

Your Usage and History Dashboard

From your UserTesting account dropdown, select Settings.


In Settings, click Usage and History


The usage dashboard will show you an overview of your usage summary. Your usage summary reflects the current usage of your account’s purchased testing capacity, which includes your annual committed usage purchased upfront, plus any add-on usage purchases. 

Add-on purchases are additional Session Units (SUs) that allow you to continue using the platform after you’ve reached the testing capacity purchased with your current subscription.

How to Read Your Usage Summary


The usage summary gives you an overview of your Used SUs and Available SUs. The Used SUs represent completed sessions, while Available SUs represent the amount of SUs that have been paid for upfront in the annual committed usage, minus any used SUs. 

Your Used/Available SUs are displayed as percentages as well as SU amount. For example, if you have 10,262 Used SUs and 6,238 Available SUs, your usage summary will read as 62% and 38%, respectively.

Note: Updated data is available every five minutes.

Session Units

A Session Unit (SU) is a simple and consistent metric that helps you measure your use of the UserTesting platform. The value is calculated per session, and the rate varies by length and test type, as well as how the participant is recruited.

The Session Rate Card represents the amount of Session Units charged per test participant for each session.

To learn more about Session rates, refer to the article on Session Rate Card.


How Account Activity Notifications Work

Account admins can receive email notifications about account activity. To read more about this, go to Email Notification Preferences.

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