UserTesting Integration for Qualtrics


The Qualtrics XM PlatformTM specializes in collecting data related to user experiences. Integrating with UserTesting allows you to connect your Qualtrics surveys with UserTesting tests to get human insights into your survey results, discovering the why behind your what.

How it Works

Upon completing a survey, the Qualtrics XM Platform automatically redirects survey respondents to provide additional insights. Respondents are immediately invited to go to the UserTesting platform where they provide feedback while your survey content is still fresh in mind. Tests typically fill with up to 10 respondents.

Setup is simple: just follow the steps to choose a UserTesting test to connect to a Qualtrics survey. Then copy the test link, go to your Qualtrics XM Platform dashboard, select your desired survey, and paste it in.

After setup, your UserTesting test is sent out. As soon as the first participant takes the test, you receive an email and the results are available on your UserTesting dashboard. You can share insights with team members and stakeholders using features such as exporting data to Excel and creating video clips and highlight reels. To view survey results, go to your Qualtrics XM Platform account.

Set-Up from UserTesting

To set up the integration, first, go to your UserTesting dashboard and choose Settings from the Account menu. Select the Integrations tab, then click "Connect a Survey."


There are basically six steps to the setup. 


1. Choose one of our pre-built tests.


The UserTesting tests are prewritten for you and designed to follow popular user research use cases. If you don’t see a topic you want to use, the General Follow-Up test is flexible enough to follow most surveys. See "Edit a Test" below if you’re interested in making changes before you send the test out.

To read the test questions, click a test title and the test questions will appear. Or see the Test Questions here.


Edit a Test 

If you want to make changes to a test’s questions, you can do that after you create the link. Simply choose your test, then complete Step 2—name your test and click "Create Link." 

The test will appear on your UserTesting dashboard. Click the test title to open the test. Then go to Options > Edit test details.


The test builder will open and you will be able to edit the opening scenario and the test plan. 

Note: It is not recommended to edit a test after it has been launched.


2. Name Your Test.

Give your test a name so you’ll be able to find it on your UserTesting dashboard. Respondents won’t see this name when they take your test. 

When you’re done, click "Create Link." If you want to edit your test, do it after this step. 


3. Copy the test link.

Copy the link to your test. Each test that you select and create a link for will produce a unique URL. 

This MyRecruit link is available in your test on your dashboard if you need to access it again.


You will complete steps 4 - 6 in the Qualtrics XM Platform.

4. Go to the Qualtrics XM Platform and open the Survey tab on your Qualtrics survey.

Go to the Qualtrics XM Platform and choose the survey you want to connect from your dashboard.


Then click the Survey tab.


5. Go to Survey Options > Survey Termination.

Once your test is on the "Survey" tab, click the "Survey Options" tab.


"Survey Options" will open a window. Go to the "Survey Termination" section.


6. Paste the link in the "Redirect to a full URL" field. 

In the "Survey Termination" section, paste the test link into the field labeled "Redirect to a full URL." Then click "Save."

This creates the connection between your Qualtrics survey and your UserTesting test.

Note: This "Redirect" option may not be available on all Qualtrics accounts (e.g. the free accounts).


What Happens Next 

After completing the integration setup, your Qualtrics survey respondents are invited to take the UserTesting test. With your survey still fresh in mind, people complete a self-guided video interview by answering the test questions.

As soon as the first participant completes the test, you’ll receive an email from UserTesting with a link to the test results. Results appear on your UserTesting dashboard in the workspace you selected. You can export data to Excel and create highlight reels to share your insights with key stakeholders and team members. View survey results in the Qualtrics XM Platform.

To view the test questions from the 9 pre-built tests, read about the test questions.

For uses cases and best practices for getting the most out of the Qualtrics integration on the UserTesting platform, view our training course.

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