UserTesting Foundational Certification Program

At a Glance

The UserTesting Foundational Certification program is offered through the UserTesting Training portal and is meant to equip our customers with the skills and knowledge needed to expertly use the UserTesting app to conduct testing and research. 



The UserTesting Foundational Certification program will:

  • Help you gain confidence in your ability to use the UserTesting platform.
  • Allow you to demonstrate your expertise to others inside and outside your organization.
  • Provide you with a competitive advantage in your field. 
  • Increase your professional credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I get certified?

A: UserTesting’s certification program will offer you the opportunity to develop your expertise and proficiency within the UserTesting platform. Upon completion, the program will certify that you are skilled in utilizing various features within the UserTesting platform to conduct research. Certification can serve as a signifier to others that you have knowledge related to running research in the UserTesting platform.

Q: Are there any requirements to participate in the UserTesting Foundational program?

A: The UserTesting Foundational Certification is available to all current UserTesting customers. 

Q: What is expected of me during the Certification Program?

A: The course material for certification is self-paced so you can complete it as you are able. You will complete about six hours of on-demand course content. The content is broken down into six topic areas; you will be required to successfully pass an exam for each of the topic areas. To move forward through each unit, you must pass the exam first. Once you pass the final exam, you’ll receive your certification.

Q: How will I receive my certificate?

A: Once you complete the program, your certificate will be available for download.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: The list price for the program is $149. The certification program has been developed to feature a structured experience for you that highlights the foundational aspects of the UserTesting platform. Additionally, the course features six exams tailored to the program and designed to assess your learning. Upon successful completion, you get your credentials!

Q: How do I pay for the UserTesting Foundational Certification program?

A: Registration is completely self-service. Once you locate the certification program in the Docebo course catalog, you can purchase it on the platform using PayPal. You’ll be asked to sign in to your PayPal account and select the method of payment you would like to use. Check with your company to see if you can be reimbursed as part of your continuing education.

Q: How long is my certification valid for?

A: The UserTesting Foundational Certification is valid for two years from the date of completion. More details about recertification will be available in 2022.

Q: What do I do when I’m getting close to the date when certification is no longer valid? How do I re-certify?

A: The overall process for maintaining your certification will be for you to attend a series of free, live, instructor-led training. These sessions will serve as a “refresher” and will maintain your certification. If your certification expires and you want to renew your certification, you will have to complete the certification exams once again.

Q: Does UserTesting offer any other certifications?

A: UserTesting is developing an advanced certification program that will be offered in January 2022.

Q: Can I obtain the Advanced Certification without completing the Foundational Certification?

A: To be eligible for the advanced program, you must show successful completion of the Foundational Certification.

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