Improved Options for Sharing Your Assets


Sharing information just became even easier. Securely share clip, video, and highlight-reel links with any colleague, executive, or stakeholder with ease. 

Read on to learn how you can quickly and easily share insights and feedback from your audiences. 

Sharing Your Assets 

With Improved sharing options, customers will also have the ability to control the security permissions for each link before sharing, including via email or Slack. Please note - you will need to enable the Slack interaction for your account in order to share to Slack in the app.


  • This solution also changes the access permissions for sharing video content at the asset level
  • You can choose the sharing permissions for each asset, i.e. per video, HLR, and clip.  
    • Anyone on this account
    • Anyone with the link
    • Anyone in this private workspace (if the asset is in a private workspace)
  • The recipient of the shared link will be able to access the video content, as long as their access level matches the permission selected.  In some cases, when the link is shared, the link recipient (so long as they match the permission selected) will be able to access the video content without needing an account or having to log in.

To learn more about Workspaces and securely sharing video and assets, visit Workspaces and Video Security.



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