Switching Profiles in the Platform

At a Glance

If your organization has multiple accounts, you can switch between all of them within the platform. 


Switching Profiles

From the main page of your dashboard, click on the icon in the top right corner where your initials appear.



This will reveal a drop-down menu with additional settings. Click on the "switch" link. 



This will take you to the settings page.



If applicable, under the "Profile" tab, you should see the option to edit your account. 

If you click on the button underneath "Edit Account" it should reveal an additional drop-down menu where you can select the profile that you want to access. 




Once you have selected the profile you want to switch to, you can look under the Edit Account settings to confirm:


Once you are done, you can click on the UserTesting icon in the top left corner to be taken back to your main dashboard. 

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