Results from Quick Answer Tests


The results table on the Results tab is where you are likely to find the most useful feedback and insights. It lets you focus on the most important questions and zero in on specific answers from individual participants without having to watch their complete sessions.

Results Tab

The results tab quickly summarizes the results of your study.


You can view participant ratings and watch their recorded feedback.

There is also a section that features details about the Key takeaway.


The participant responses to this question are shown on a rating scale. 


Hovering over the response on the rating scale allows you to watch participants' responses to that question.

The contents of the Results tab varies based on the type of Quick Answer test you ran. See the articles about each specific Quick Answer to understand details of the results that are presented in the Results tab.

The other tabs offer valuable insights into your participants as well. Read on to learn more about the details you can review once all participants have completed your test.

Sessions Tab

Click the Sessions tab to watch each participant’s complete video as they answer all the questions in order. Sessions are available as each participant finishes. There is a text field on the right for you to add a summary of the video. The Summary field is also useful for adding timecodes for moments of interest, such as a participant expressing delight with an experience, or complaining about a difficult interface.



Metrics Tab

Click the Metrics tab to watch participants’ videos broken down for every single question so you can easily skim the results. It’s essentially an expanded view of the results table on the Results Tab.


You can also filter the results by the participant or by the time spent on a task as seen below.



Summary Tab

Click the Summary tab to see specific details about your test, your participants, and any tags or feedback that you've created.



Details Tab

Click the Details tab to see the demographics breakdown and an overview of the test plan tasks and questions.


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