What are Surveys?

Surveys are a way of gathering data from a representative group of people, usually as a way of understanding a larger group of people. Surveys with large numbers of participants are considered quantitative research, while UserTesting tests are typically qualitative. 

Why are surveys useful?

With surveys you can choose from a variety of question types to discover what people think or feel about something. Surveys have a broad range of use cases and can be leveraged to get opinions about topics, gauge customer satisfaction (such as via a Net Promoter Score), or to measure people’s attitudes or behaviors.

When should you use surveys?

Survey tools can be used in a variety of scenarios. They’re commonly used to complement existing user research tactics or to find out more about the demographics of your audience.

Surveys with UserTesting

When running an online survey (via the UserTesting integration for Qualtrics), it can be useful to have a portion of respondents record themselves thinking out loud via the UserTesting platform as they complete the survey. This can be done as a pilot of the survey before launching it out to all the potential respondents or can be done to gain a qualitative sample of feedback from respondents.

Asking participants to think out loud as they complete the survey allows you to observe their behavior and listen to their feedback as they go through the activity.

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