Interactive Path Flows


Interactive Path Flows show how participants navigate a website or prototype. They are generated by behavioral data gathered as participants do a task, an asset that you add in the test plan. For more about adding tasks to your test plan, see Tasks: An Overview.

Interactive Path Flows offer several ways to explore participant behavior: 

  • The main diagram summarizes all the paths participants took.
  • Participant paths show all the interactions and corresponding clips of a single participant.
  • Screen steps display all participants’ interactions on a screen.

To see Interactive Path Flows, go to the Metrics tab on the test results page:



Note: IPFs are only generated if participants encounter two or more screens during a task.

Participant Paths

To see a single participant’s path, hover over a username:


Note: Badges next to usernames indicate outliers: participants with the longest or shortest time, the most or least effort, and participants who took uncommon paths.

To follow an individual path screen by screen, click a username:


The participant’s session videos and metrics–time, number of screens visited, and number of interactions–display below the diagram. 

From here, you can take a closer look at the participant’s interactions:

  • To watch a clip of the participant doing the entire task, click the timer next to the username.
  • To see a list of interactions on each screen, click the expander below each video. Or hide and show all interactions at once by clicking Expand or Collapse All.
  • To watch a clip of the participant’s interaction, click a video screen.


Screen Steps

To see which screens participants visited at each step, hover over the screen steps:


Note: Large screen steps indicate screens that many participants visited and small screen steps indicate screens that few participants visited. 


 To see all participants’ interactions on an individual screen, click the screen step.

All interactions performed by all the participants at that screen step appear below the diagram. To watch a clip of an interaction, click the participant’s username. 

💡 Tip: To see the very first thing participants did–a first-click analysis for the task–click the first screen step.

Path Tracing

Turn on path tracing to highlight paths that go through particular screen steps. You can also highlight a single participant’s path. 

To trace paths, first turn on path tracing:


To trace all the paths that intersect a single screen, click the screen step:

Highlighted_path_01.pngTo trace paths that intersect a series of screens, click each screen step:


💡 Tip: Path tracing highlights paths that intersect every one of the screens you choose. You can use it to mark a “success path” and show where other paths branch away.
To trace a single participant’s path, click a username:


When you turn off path tracing, paths stay highlighted. To remove highlighting, turn on path tracing and click the screen steps or username again. 

Note: If you navigate away from the page, your highlights are removed automatically. 


  • Look at the main diagram for an overview of all participant paths.
  • Click usernames to explore the details of a single participant path.
  • Click screen steps to see how all participants interacted with a single screen.
  • Use path tracing to highlight only paths that encounter the screens you choose.

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