Insights Summary

Insights Summary

On the Summary tab, you can create an overview of a test’s results and share it with colleagues. Enter the information you want—for example, the name of your team and the test’s objective—then send others a link. Tags, notes, and clips are imported from the video player for you, speeding time to insights for your whole team.

To get started, open a test from the dashboard and select the Summary tab.


Editing the Insights Summary

To edit the summary, turn on edit mode.

From here, you can add text to the summary field. You can also collapse and expand sections by clicking the disclosure buttons.


If you collapse a section, it is hidden when edit mode is off.


💡Tip  If you don’t enter anything in a field, collapse the section. That way, it won’t be visible when you turn off edit mode.

Insights Summary Sections

The first four fields are up to you:

  • Team: your teammates or your team’s name
  • Objective: the test’s goal–what you’re trying to find out
  • Findings: observations–what the test revealed
  • Next Steps: actions to take based on what the test shows


The Participants section shows how many people took your test, as well as the filters you used to define your audience. Enter any additional information you want in the Comments field.

To hide a filter, click on it:


To show the filter, click it again.


Tags you add to notes and clips in the video player appear in the Tags section. Read more about adding tags with the video player.

To hide a tag, click on it.


Add any text you want in the Comments field.

Positive, Negative, and Neutral Feedback

Notes and clips marked as important in the video player appear in the feedback section.

  • Positive Feedback displays notes and clips tagged with positive sentiment.
  • Negative Feedback displays notes and clips tagged with negative sentiment.
  • Neutral Feedback displays notes and clips not tagged with any sentiment.

Add any text you want in the Comments field.


Note  Only notes and clips manually tagged with sentiment are imported, not those automatically identified by suggested sentiment in the video player.

To mark notes and clips important so they display in the summary: 

  1. Go to the Notes & Clips section of the video player for the session you want.
  2. Click the star icon on each note or clip to mark it as important.
  3. Click the face icon on each note or clip to tag it with sentiment.A_screenshot_of_the_Notes___Clips_section_of_the_video_player.png

    Read more about marking notes and clips as important and sentiment tagging.

    To hide individual notes or clips, the entire notes section, or the entire clips section, click on it. Click on it again to unhide it.


    To unhide something you’ve hidden, click it again.

    Sharing the Insights Summary

    When you want to share the summary, click Share to get a link. Choose a link that others in the same workspace can edit, or a read-only version anyone on your account can view. 

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