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Participant View makes it easy to remotely capture facial expressions outside of a lab environment as participants react to products, apps, and messaging–providing more context, empathy, and insight than voice recording alone.  

In the video player, Participant View and the participant’s screen recording appear together so you can see reactions moment-by-moment.

  • Participant View records participants’ reactions and facial expressions as they take desktop, tablet, and mobile tests via their front-facing webcams.
  • When you review session videos, you see a picture-in-picture view of the participant’s face and screen. 
  • You can move the window and flip the orientation so the picture-in-picture view is shown in the larger screen, which is particularly helpful when creating clips and highlight reels. 

How It Works

To add Participant View to your study, turn it on in the Test Plan. This has participants enable their webcams for the entire test, from start to finish. 


When you review test sessions, Participant View appears in the lower left of the video.


To change focus between the two videos, hover over the inset video and click the icon. Move or minimize the inset video with the control on the left.


💡Tip When you make a clip for a highlight reel, both the screen recording and Participant View are included automatically. If you want to include only one or the other, make it the primary video, then minimize the inset video before making the clip.


Participant View is available for desktop, tablet, and smartphone tests:

  • Desktop: Tests on Chrome browser only
  • Mobile: Mobile web tests only
  • There is currently no support for App testing

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