Explaining the roles in new UserTesting editions

Starting in 2020, new subscriptions include several roles for licensed users. Roles determine which features users can access.

The roles

There are three types of roles on the UserTesting Human Insight Platform:

Creator - This role has full test creation capabilities such as creating test plans and saving them as templates. Creators can launch tests, and they manage everything they create. This role is designed for everyone who wants feedback—from customers, product managers, and marketers, to power users and full-time researchers.

Viewer - This read-only role is for people who need to view test results and share insights from them, but who don’t need to create tests. Viewers can view test plans and drafts, and create clips and highlight reels, but they cannot create or edit tests or templates, nor can they launch tests or Quick Answers. 

Account Admin - This role adds administrative privileges to the creator and viewer roles; it is not a standalone role. The account admin role includes access to an online dashboard where admins can add and remove users to the account, assign roles, and set feature and workspace permissions for users. Other permissions include monitoring session unit usage and spending privileges, such as upgrading the edition. Only account admins can remove users.

Accounts can have unlimited account admins and viewers. 

Setting specific permissions

Account admins can set each user’s permissions for full-feature access for custom test creation, or limit access to Quick Answers for Marketing or Product. To maximize your subscription, we recommend allowing creators access to the full set of features and Quick Answers. If you have questions, please contact your customer service representative.

Image of user permission window showing role selection.png

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