Live Conversation: Calendar Integration


At a Glance

The platform offers two calendar integrations to assist in managing your Live Conversation sessions. By connecting your Outlook or Google calendar, you'll be able to see potential conflicts at a glance, upcoming sessions will automatically be added to your calendar, and canceled sessions will automatically be removed. 


Connecting Your Calendar

There are two ways to manage your calendar integrations.

You can manage your  calendar integrations by navigating to your settings menu and selecting  Integrations. 


Follow the prompts to connect or disconnect your calendar.


Or, when providing your availability for a Live Conversation, you'll see an option to Connect Calendars. 


Choose whether you'd like to connect to a Google or Outlook calendar. Then, you will follow a series of prompts to sign in to your calendar and grant the necessary permissions. 


Once you've successfully connected your calendar, you'll see an acknowledgment. When providing your availability for Live Conversations, UserTesting will display available time slots based on your existing schedule.

Disconnecting Your Calendar

If you wish to disconnect your calendar, click the blue X icon.


You'll be prompted to disable your calendar integration.


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