This Month's Customer Labs

Customer Labs is an à la carte menu of workshops led by UT experts answering the questions you’ve asked the most. Learn different strategies around platform features and best practices that apply directly to your work. Since each workshop has multiple sessions, you can pick the session that works best for your time zone.



July 19 || UserTesting for Brand Loyalty and Retention - Click here to enroll

A changing market can cause uncertainty. It’s incredibly important to understand your customers and the things that matter to them. As consumers tighten up on spending, it’s crucial to understand their feelings about the economy and other factors that impact their spending. In this lab, we will discuss how you can leverage UserTesting to connect with your customers and understand what drives their loyalty to a brand and can improve customer retention.


Learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to leverage the UserTesting Platform to understand how your customers feel about your brand/product

  • Identify factors that impact retention and how you can improve loyalty and retention with your target audiences


July 21 || Mitigating Risk in Digital Product Development - Click here to enroll

Whether you’re a product leader at a digitally native organization or your team is going through a digital transformation, mitigating risk in your digital product development process is likely one of your highest priorities. In this lab, we discuss the importance of capturing insights from your customers to inform every stage of the development process and, ultimately, reduce risk and help you to stay competitive in your industry.


Learning objectives

  • Understand user expectations, usability, and impressions at every stage of the design process

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to leverage the Platform to reduce risk and potentially improve ROI

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