This Month's Customer Labs

Customer Labs is an à la carte menu of workshops led by UT experts answering the questions you’ve asked the most. Learn different strategies around platform features and best practices that apply directly to your work. Since each workshop has multiple sessions, you can pick the session that works best for your time zone.



May 17 || Competitive Tests with UserTesting - Click here to enroll

Want to run a competitive test but not sure where to begin? Well this lab is for you! In this session we will go over how to get the most out of competitive tests using the UserTesting Platform. We will also be discussing use cases for competitive testing as well as a cadence for when these tests should be run.


Learning objectives

  • Users will learn how to complete competitive testing in the UserTesting Platform

  • To understand the value of competitive testing


May 19 || Diversify Your Tests: Use Cases - Click here to enroll

In this lab, we’ll take a deep dive into the platform, by exploring some use cases for the most common test types and research goals within the UserTesting platform. These include A/B testing, Longitudinal Study, Usability Testing, and more.


Learning objectives:

  • To gain expert knowledge into the UT platform

  • Discover the real world applications of the UT platform

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