This Month's Customer Labs

Customer Labs is an à la carte menu of workshops led by UserTesting experts answering the questions you’ve asked the most. Learn different strategies around Platform features and best practices that apply directly to your work. Since each workshop has multiple sessions, you can pick the session that works best for your time zone.


March 2023


March 1 || Increasing speed to insights: Creating and using test templates - Click here to enroll

Attend this live training for an overview of test plan templates: customizing those created by UserTesting, and making your own to streamline your test creation process.

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to customize the templates UserTesting makes available 

  • Identify how to create your own test templates to streamline the test creation process 



March 8 || Using multiple audiences in your test - Click here to enroll

This live training event will help you learn how to use Saved Audiences to expedite the test creation process and ensure consistency across your research.

Learning objectives:

  • Strategize how to use previously Saved Audiences during the test creation process.



March 14 || Minimizing bias in your tests - Click here to enroll

Struggling with bias in your tests? In this Customer Lab, we will discuss ways to create a test that does not bias the contributors. This will help ensure you receive the most accurate and reliable feedback. 

Learning objectives:

  • How to avoid the use of leading questions and create a more balanced test to receive better quality contributor feedback.
  • The importance of using active language instead of passive language to encourage the contributors to show us what they are doing in place of simply talking us through it.
  • How to include directive tasks without being overly explicit and giving away the answers. 



March 15 || Creating user personas and empathy maps - Click here to enroll

Beginning in the digital age, companies have embraced digital more and more but have yet to grasp how expectations have changed entirely. With each digital touchpoint, you move further from your customer and risk losing your human connection. Join this lab to learn how to develop meaningful user personas and how you can leverage them to build empathy maps.

Learning objectives

  • Define personas and how to create valuable personas, as well as how they can help your organization strengthen your understanding of your customers.

  • Develop an understanding of empathy maps and identify how to use them to inform your business decisions. 



March 22 || Testing your test: Dry runs and pilots - Click here to enroll

This live training event will help you know what to look for when you give your test a trial run so that you can quickly improve on it and get the best feedback possible from your contributors.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the process for reviewing your test and have a trial run before a full launch.
  • Identify opportunities to improve your test based on feedback from your trial test.



March 29 || Tagging your clips for easier analysis and better insights - Click here to enroll

Attend this live training for an overview of effectively using tags to organize your notes and expedite your analysis when working in the UserTesting Platform and conducting analysis.

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate best practices for using tags to annotate your sessions and share your findings.




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