July 2020 Product Releases


Constant innovation for our customers is core to UserTesting’s mission, and our latest updates are designed to help our customers to go beyond and better to take insights to the next level.

Here's a brief video overview of the new features implemented in this release.


What's New

Custom Network

  • Create and connect with panels of your own customers, partners, employees, and more through the UserTesting platform with Custom Network. More efficiently capture insights from your ideal audience by recruiting, managing, and targeting test contributors through the UserTesting platform. 
  • Premium subscription customers on Insight Core will have access on July 15th.
  • Training Course: Using Custom Network

Additional Country Filters

  • In addition to our standard country filters (US, Canada, UK, India, and Australia), now target test contributors in 30 more countries with additional country filters. Easily capture feedback from contributors across the world.
  • All premium subscription customers will have access on July 15th.
  • Training Course: Testing with International and Diverse Audiences

Sentiment Analysis

  • With moments of negative and positive sentiment automatically displayed by Machine Learning technology, you maximize your time by more quickly honing in on key moments of insight and doing high-impact analysis. 
  • Premium subscription customers across all UserTesting products will have access on July 15th.
  • Training Course: Using UserTesting Metrics

Jira Integration

  • By sharing and viewing UserTesting video clips right within Jira, the #1 software development tool used by agile teams, product teams gain immediate access to customer insights to build and deliver the products that their customers desire.
  • All customers using Jira Cloud can activate this integration from the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • Training Course: How to Use the Jira Integration

Camera Tasks for Mobile Tests

  • New streamlined test creation experience, plus improved instructions right in the test contributor experience transforms the mobile phone into a window to users’ worlds: making it easy to conduct camera-based tasks on mobile devices to observe customer environments and real-world experiences. 
  • All Insight Core customers have access to the streamlined test creation on July 30th.
  • Training Course: Mobile Testing

Test Filters

  • Keep your feedback fresh by setting filters for each new test to control how often a contributor can complete tests launched by your team. 
  • Available to all customers on July 15th.
  • Training Course: Finding the Right Contributors
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