Creating Camera Tasks for Mobile Tests


At a Glance

When creating an unmoderated, self-guided test for participants on mobile devices, you can include a Camera Tasks Section to the test. UserTesting adds a screener question and instructions making it clear to participants that they will need to engage the rear-facing camera when completing the test.



How to Add a Camera Tasks Section

When creating your test plan, you can add in a Camera Tasks Section.


You can then drag in additional tasks that you want the participant to complete that leverage the camera.


These can include asking the participant to show you something (e.g. a room in their house, the placement of a certain product, how they have certain items organized, etc). Or you can ask them to perform a specific task (e.g. how they would perform a routine task in their day-to-day lives, etc). Camera tasks will be especially useful during customer environment and context testing.


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