Policy for Testing with Minors

At a Glance

This article sets forth requirements for testing with minors. All customers must abide by this policy when testing with minors with UserTesting.


Process and Requirements

  1. Customers must purchase a designated Professional Services package and work directly with the UserTesting Professional Services team when conducting Tests with minors (“Minor Testing Contributors”). This is required to ensure all appropriate steps and precautions have been taken prior to launching Tests involving minors.

  2. Customers are required to agree to and sign UserTesting’s Minor Contributor Addendum. An employee at UserTesting must contact legal@usertesting.com to request a copy of the Minor Contributor Addendum and include the context in such requests outlining their customer’s Test plans/goals and detailing their interactions with the Professional Services team.

  3. UserTesting will allow customers that have signed the Minor Contributor Addendum to conduct Tests utilizing Minor Testing Contributors of any age in the United States, and between the ages of 16 and 17 if such individuals are located in Canada and the United Kingdom.

  4. Minor Testing Contributors will be recruited by UserTesting Professional Services through their parent’s Contributor account. Payment for the test is made to the parent via their Contributor PayPal account.

  5. The parent or legal guardian must be present at all times during a test.

  6. Customers are responsible for ensuring their Tests do not prompt for or collect any personally identifiable information (“PII”) with the exception of audio of Minor Testing Contributors. The UserTesting team will review Recordings to help ensure that no other personally identifiable information (“PII”) is recorded, though the customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring its own compliance with this requirement as the owner of such Recordings.

  7. Even if customers would like to leverage the Invite Network or Custom Network features for testing with Minor Testing Contributors, they must purchase a Professional Services Offering for that purpose. Minors cannot be invited directly to test or to create an account, they must have a parent or guardian be the primary contact or account creator.

Required Consent

  1. Minor Testing Contributors must be recruited by having their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) register with UserTesting and pass the applicant screening criteria to be an approved Contributor of the UserTesting Contributor Network. A parent or legal guardian must then grant their consent (both in writing and verbally immediately prior to the minor participating in the Test) to have the Minor Testing Contributor use the parent or guardian’s account.

  2. Parental consent must be obtained in three steps: first when recruiting/screening, second in the scenario, and third in the first task.

  3. When recruiting minors under 13 years of age in the United States, an e-sign Verifiable Consent Form must be signed by the parent or the legal guardian of the Minor Testing Contributor.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

  1. PII cannot be recorded during a session. PII includes, but is not limited to first and last name, email address, phone number, street address, video/photo images of one’s face, or any other information that might be used either alone or in concert with other information to personally identify a Minor Testing Contributor.

  2. The customer cannot capture a minor’s face as it constitutes prohibited PII and is prohibited on the UserTesting platform.

  3. Minor Testing Contributors cannot link their real social media accounts during a Test.

  4. The customer is responsible for any information shared with or by the Minor Testing Contributor during the session.
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