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Quick Answers allow you to collect recorded video feedback of customers or prospects as they complete tasks and answer questions independently and remotely. The tasks and questions are written for you by UserTesting. You can read about the other Quick Answers in Using Quick Answers.

When to use Test Mobile App Usability

Test mobile app usability is one of the available UserTesting Quick Answers; for some users, this template is named Understand behavior in mobile apps.

With Test mobile app usability, you can discover whether people can easily complete a task in a mobile app as well as understanding the behavior behind your metrics and analytics.

Use Test mobile app usability to:

  • Explore customer behavior in your mobile app and ensure customers are finding it easy to use
  • Test your app to make your customers understand how to use it and the information you’re trying to convey
  • Test navigation elements to make sure your customers can find what they’re looking for
  • Observing how easy or hard people find completing a specific task in your app and to understand what is driving the behavior reflected in your data and analytics
  • Identifying opportunities to improve conversion rates

How to set up Test Mobile App Usability

Quick Answer Inputs

1. Depending on which dashboard you have, click Get Quick Answers.


Or click the New dropdown menu and select Create a test from a template.


From the template gallery, select the Quick Answers filter.


Then, find and click Test mobile app usability.


2. Start by describing the activity you want participants to try on your app. Start your description with a verb, but don’t include exact steps, such as “Click on this button. Then this link. Then go….”

Important: The description is added to a pre-written sentence, so it’s a good practice to use a lowercase letter for the first word and not end with a period or other punctuation. Quick Answers converts your description into the test questions, so the wording you enter is what people will see.

Some examples include:

  • sign up for the newsletter becomes 
    • Take as much time as you need to sign up for the newsletter
  • find out when to report for jury duty becomes 
    • Take as much time as you need to find out when to report for jury duty
  • change your profile picture becomes
    • Take as much time as you need to change your profile picture.

Then name your test so it’s easy to recognize from other tests on your dashboard. This makes it easy to share tests with other stakeholders.

At this point, you'll need to determine who should take your test.

3. Click Next

Link or upload your app

You have two options to make your app available to the participants. You can either upload an IPA or APK file directly into the platform or simply provide a link to your app in the Google or Apple app stores. If you choose to upload your app directly, we'll securely distribute it to your participant's devices (no provisioning required). This is helpful if you're testing a mobile app that hasn’t been released yet.



If you chose to provide a link to the Google or Apple app stores, and aren’t sure how to locate the URL, please read Finding the app URL.


  • To see a list of all the questions the test asks participants, click the link under Tasks and Questions. To see what your test looks like to participants, click the Options Menu (three dots) to the right of the Test Plan Summary, then click Preview Test. When you finish the preview, click the Close button.
    • To add or remove participants, click Participants.
    • If you need to edit the URL or you entered text that included a typo, click Edit in the upper right. When you are done editing the test, click Save and Go to Order Page.

4. Click Launch Test to send the test to the UserTesting Panel.

After you click Launch Test, we send the test to participants who match the demographics you chose. These participants then answer any screener questions you added in order to qualify to take the test.

Here’s what we ask participants based on the inputs you provided when you created the test:

  1. If you are asked to log in or create an account please do so now. If not, move on to the next step. Don’t use the app yet. The video of this step will be blurred so we won’t capture your personal information.
  2. How familiar are you with this app? [Multiple Choice: Never heard of it, Heard of it, but never used it, Used it once, Used it a few times, Use it regularly, None of the above]
  3. Take a look at the home screen, but **don’t scroll or tap anywhere yet**. How difficult or easy do you **expect** it to be to [activity]? Explain your answer. [5-point Rating Scale: Very difficult to Very easy]
  4. Take as much time as you need to [activity].
  5. Overall, how difficult or easy was the activity? Explain your answer. [5-point Rating Scale: Very difficult to Very easy]
  6. What part of the app made it **easy** to accomplish that activity? [Verbal Response]
  7. Write 1-3 words that summarize your previous answer. What part of the app made the activity **easy**? [Written Response]
  8. What part of the app made it **frustrating or hard** to accomplish that activity? [Verbal Response]
  9. Write 1-3 words that summarize your previous answer. What part of the app made the activity **frustrating or hard**? [Written Response]
  10. In one sentence describe the purpose of this app. What problem does it solve or make easier? Describe it in your own words, not using language from the screens you saw. [Written Response]
  11. How valuable is this app to you? Explain your answer. [5-point Rating Scale: Not at all valuable to Very valuable]
  12. From this list select 1 word that describes the *biggest improvement* you would make to this app [Multiple Choice: Appearance, Navigation, Trustworthiness, Understandability, Usefulness, None of the Above]

As participants finish, the software uploads the recorded video to our system and notifies you by email that the videos are ready to watch. Watch each participant’s entire video on the Session tab or wait for the fifth video session to be uploaded, at which point the content of the results tab is available.

Understanding the Results 

For each test, the dashboard displays the test name, who created it, when it was last updated, and how many participants have and have not taken the test.


After all participants finish, a summary appears on your main dashboard. Click a test title on the dashboard to go to the Results tab on the Results page.

Results Tab

The Results tab is a great place to start for Quick Answers. It summarizes the findings from the test: Do more participants find the activity easy or difficult on the app you tested? The answer is split into two automatically generated highlight reels (Watch participants) to help you summarize and organize the findings based on the participants' preferences.

Whether a participant finds the experience easy or difficult comes from Question 3. We ask participants, “How difficult or easy was the activity overall? Explain your answer.?” 1=Very difficult…5=Very easy.

  • A score of 1 or 2 means they found the experience difficult.
  • A score of 3 means Neutral.
  • A score of 4 or 5 means they found the experience easy.

The automatic highlight reels show participants doing this activity. We get this information from Question 5 below. We ask participants: “Take as much time as you need to [activity]". and we record their comments as they do this activity.

The results table below the highlight reels provides a quick and easy way to scan through the results in greater detail. We’ve summarized the key findings in the following sub-tabs:

  • Awareness
  • Expectation
  • Ease
  • Difficulty
  • Purpose
  • Value
  • Needs work

Most sub-tabs have brief written responses (provided by participants) to help you identify interesting responses more quickly. Once you’ve found feedback you’d like to dig into further, you can watch the video response from that participant by clicking on the written responses. This will take you to that specific moment in the video to hear what else they had to say about that particular experience. 

The results table on the Results tab is where you are likely to find the most useful feedback and insights because it lets you focus on the most important questions and zero in on specific answers from individual participants without having to watch their complete sessions.

You will also see tabs for:

  • Sessions: a list of the session videos for all participants
  • Metrics: a list of answers and links to videos for each task and question
  • Details: demographic overview, tasks, and questions from the test

 See this article for more details about the Results of Quick Answers tests.

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