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This page highlights a series of resources intended to help our customers as they navigate the current challenges related to the global health situation. Please check back here intermittently as we will continue to update this page with new resources as they become available.  

COVID-19 templates

We have created test plan templates to provide a framework to help you better understand how behaviors, expectations, and perceptions have shifted during the pandemic. 

In order to capture the unique changes that have occurred and which continue to impact employee and customer experiences, we are sharing industry-specific templates that support the retail and grocery, and restaurant and food service industries. 

How to Use the Templates

To access these templates, you will need to have an active UserTesting account and be logged in.

1. Choose Create a test from a template under the New menu.


2. Then, access the industry-specific templates under the COVID-19 filter in the Template Gallery. Browse each template and select the one that best suits your needs.


3. You have the choice to build your study by either selecting your audience or editing the template. If you want to start by editing your template, simply select Edit from the Test Plan Summary section.


ⓘ NoteIf you are using any of the General Business templates, be sure to update the [brackets] within the tasks so it’s the activity/company/website that you are interested in learning about. 



Industry-Specific Templates

You can access all of these templates by choosing Create from a template in the New menu on your dashboard. Most of the templates in the Template Gallery look at the retail and grocery industries, or the restaurant and food-service industries.

Retail and grocery: This batch of templates address how...

  • The pandemic has changed people's expectations and shopping habits.
  • To optimize digital ordering experiences, such as web or in-app checkout flows, especially for new users.
  • To optimize the ways people get their deliveries—either through BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up in Store) or contactless curbside orders—so that getting an order feels safe and easy.
  • Shopper expectations and habits will be the same or different after COVID-19 (see the Understanding future shopping behavior template).

Restaurants and food service: These templates address how...

  • The pandemic has changed people’s expectations and dining experiences for take-out and delivery, and what users' dining behavior and needs will continue to be after COVID-19
  • To optimize web and in-app digital ordering experiences, especially for new users
  • To optimize the means by which people get their carry-out, delivery, or drive-thru orders so that activities feel safe and easy.
  • To optimize your rewards/loyalty program to encourage customer engagement.

General Business

  • Your account may give you access to the umbrella COVID-19: Impact on behavior template that, based on what business-related keywords you use when entering a short description of the test, creates questions (in the test tasks) designed to reveal how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected shopping behavior for your particular industry.

Additional Resources

Check out these courses if you're new to the UserTesting Platform and/or want to learn more about remote testing.  

    • View our page for new users to see training courses for an overview for managing user licenses and conducting qualitative testing.
    • See the University's Remote Testing course for an introduction to remote testing and best practices for when you are switching from an in-person test to a remote test.
    • To help you and your customers navigate these still uncertain times, leverage the information found in UserTesting's COVID-19 Human Insight Portal.


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