Quick Answer: COVID-19 Impact on Behavior


Quick Answers provide video feedback of customers answering questions written for you by UserTesting. They are all designed to answer common marketing challenges. You can read more about Quick Answers in the Marketing Insight: Getting Started.

COVID-19: Impact on behavior is designed to give you insights on how your target audience is reacting to the COVID-19 crisis and how their behaviors have changed as a result of the pandemic. It provides insights into how customers feel COVID-19 has impacted a specific behavior.




After running this Quick Answer test, the Summary tab shows how many test participants feel impacted COVID-19 has impacted a specific activity, and provides two automatically generated highlight reels - split based on their responses - of them discussing their answers and explaining why they answered the way they did. 

If you want to dig into the findings, there are several options. The results table below the highlight reels provides additional feedback from participants about how they feel about that particular experience or activity. The Metrics and Session tabs provide the full recordings broken out by question or participant respectively.

When to use COVID-19: Impact on behavior

Use COVID-19: Impact on behavior to get fast feedback on how customer behavior and expectations are changing.

  • How is my target audience reacting to the COVID-19 crisis?
  • What behaviors, related to my company or industry, have changed based on the crisis?
  • What expectations do people have of my company/industry during this situation?

How to Setup COVID-19: Impact on behavior

1. Quick Answer Inputs

Depending on which dashboard you have, click Get Quick Answers.


Or click the New dropdown menu and select Create a test from a template.


From the template gallery, select the Quick Answers filter.mi_quick_answers_1.png

Then, find and click COVID-19: Impact on behavior.


Give a short description of the experience or activity you want participants to discuss.


Then name your test so it’s easy to recognize from other tests on your dashboard. Marketing Insight displays your entire account’s tests on your dashboard. This makes it easy to share tests with other stakeholders. When you’re done, click Next.

2.  Select Participants

The UserTesting panel is a diverse and global on-demand group of people who take tests. The panel is made up of real people, carefully selected after a thorough application process, who are continually rated by our customers, assuring the highest quality results. To find participants you’ll be able to select device type, set demographic filters, and create custom screener questions. These are detailed in Using Screener Questions to find your ideal participants.


3. Launching a Test


  • To see a list of all the questions the test asks participants, click the link under Tasks. To see what your test looks like to participants, click Preview Test to the right of the Test Plan Summary, then click Preview Test. When you finish the preview, click the Close button. ⓘ Note If you realize you need to add or remove a participant, or you find something you need to change in your inputs, do either of the following:
    • Click Participants to add or remove test participants (requires additional purchases of the Participant Pack).
    • Click Edit in the upper right. When you are done editing the test, click Save and Go to Order Page.

Click Launch Test to send the test to the UserTesting Panel.


4. Reviewing Results

As participants finish, the software uploads the recorded video to our system and notifies you by email. To configure notifications, see Email notification preferences.

Open the email and click the account dashboard link in the order summary to go to the dashboard.

For each test, the dashboard displays the type of test, the test name, the day you created it, and how many participants have and have not taken the test.

After all participants finish, a summary appears on your main dashboard.


Click a test title on the dashboard to go to the Summary tab on the Results page.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab is a great place to start for Quick Answers. It summarizes the findings from the test: Do more participants feel that COVID-19 has impacted their ability to perform a specific task or not? The answer is split into two automatically generated highlight reels (Watch key moments) to help you summarize and organize the findings based on the participants preferences.


Whether a participant feels COVID-19 has had an impact comes from Question 3. We ask participants, “How has the Coronavirus/COVID-19 impacted how you do your [activity]t” 1=Not impacted… 5= Impacted. A score of 1, 2, or 3 means they have not been impacted. A score of 4 or 5 means they have been impacted.

The automatic highlight reels show participants describing what they the impact of COVID-19. We get this information from Question 2 below. We ask participants: “What is the *biggest* impact, if any, that Coronavirus/COVID-19 has had on how you do your [activity]” and we record their comments as they explain their answers.

The results table below the highlight reels provides a quick and easy way to scan through the results in greater detail. We’ve summarized the key findings in the following sub-tabs:

  • Biggest impacts
  • Advice to you

Most sub-tabs have brief written responses (provided by participants) to help you identify interesting responses more quickly. Once you’ve found feedback you’d like to dig into further, you can watch the video response from that participant by clicking on the written responses. This will take you to that specific moment in the video to hear what else they had to say about that particular experience. Alternatively you can watch their entire response by clicking on Watch Session below their screen name.


The results table on the Summary tab is where you are likely to find the most useful feedback and insights because it lets you focus on the most important questions and zero in on specific answers from individual participant’s without having to watch their complete sessions.

Sessions Tab

Click the Sessions tab to watch each participant’s complete video as they answer all the questions in order. Sessions are available as each participant finishes. There is a text field on the right for you to add a summary of the video. The Summary field is also useful for adding timecodes for moments of interest, such as a participant expressing delight with an experience, or complaining about a difficult interface.



Metrics Tab

Click the Metrics tab to watch participants’ videos broken down for every single question so you can easily skim the results. It’s essentially an expanded view of the results table on the Summary Tab.


Details Tab

Click the Details tab to see the demographics breakdown and an overview of the test plan’s tasks and questions. 



How it Works & Questions We Ask Participants

After you click Launch Test, we send the test to participants in the UserTesting Panel who match the demographics you chose. These participants then answer any screener questions you added in order to qualify to take the test.

If you’d like to see what answering screener questions looks like from the participants’ view, watch this video.

Once they qualify, we ask participants to record themselves while answering questions and providing feedback about the creative, image or visual you provided.

Here’s what we ask participants:

  1. Please turn on your webcam. Go to https://turncameraon.com/. You may need to click the text saying allow access. Once you can see your face on screen, press the Full Screen button in the upper right corner. (If you can’t easily get the camera to work, it's OK to proceed with the next task.)
  2. [Verbal] How has the Coronavirus/COVID-19 impacted how you do your [activity]? Please explain with details and specifics. 
  3. [Rating] How has the Coronavirus/COVID-19 impacted how you do your [activity]? [1-Not impacted; 5-Impacted] Please explain with details and specifics.
  4. [Verbal] What is the *biggest* impact, if any, that Coronavirus/COVID-19 has had on how you do your [activity]?
  5. [Written] Please summarize what you just talked about in 1-2 sentences.
  6. [Verbal] What is one piece of advice you would like to give to companies that support  [activity]?
  7. [Written] Please summarize what you just talked about in 1-2 sentences.

As participants finish, the software uploads the recorded video to our system and notifies you by email that the videos are ready to watch. Watch each participant’s entire video on the Session tab or wait for the fifth video session to be uploaded, at which point the highlight reels and results table are available.

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