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A highlight reel is a curated selection of video clips you've created. Highlight reels can include multiple clips from the same test or clips from multiple tests. You can use highlight reels to show your team common responses and essential feedback from your end users. Highlight reels are a great way to share compelling findings and moments of insight.


Make a New Highlight Reel

Once you have gone through and made clips from an original recording, you can make a highlight reel by selecting Highlight Reels from your UserTesting dashboard.  



This tab contains all existing highlight reels. Create new highlight reels by selecting New Highlight Reel.


All the clips in the workspace, including clips you created, will display in the panel to the left. There are two ways to search for your clips. Search for your clips by tag, keyword, or test title:


Or use the two Filters menus:


Under the Tests option, you can filter by the tests within your account by test title. 

Use the Clips filter to focus your highlight reel by sorting the videos based on whether, when creating the clip, you flagged it as "important" and/or gave it a positive or negative response. For example, to build a reel of clips that feature pain points only, check just the Negative Clips box (then click Apply); check only Positive Clips to build your reel from just favorable user experiences. 


The clips you have filtered and will use to build the new highlight reel appears in the left-hand panel. Drag those clips to the right-hand panel to start building your highlight reel.


Having moved the clips into the right-hand panel, you can drag them around and rearrange them to your liking.

For each clip, use the Options menu (three dots) to edit them, download them, or remove them from the highlight reel. Removing the clip means it moves back to the left-hand panel. Note: Editing a clip's length or annotations will change that clip wherever it is used, including in other highlight reels.



Edit a Highlight Reel

To edit a highlight reel, select Edit from the Options (three dots) menu to the right of the highlight reel you want to edit.


You will land on the same view you saw when creating a new highlight reel. Take the same actions, such as editing the name of the highlight reel, dragging new clips into the right-hand panel, rearranging clips, editing clips, or removing clips from the right-hand panel. Note that highlight reels are saved automatically.


Share a Highlight Reel

Once you've assembled your highlight reel, you can preview or share it via email or link by using the buttons in the top right corner.



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