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A highlight reel is a curated selection of video clips you've created. Highlight reels can include multiple clips from the same test or clips from multiple tests. You can use highlight reels to show your team common responses and essential feedback from your end users. Highlight reels are a great way to share compelling findings and moments of insight.


Make a new Highlight Reel

Once you have gone through and made clips from an original recording, you can make a highlight reel by selecting Highlight Reels from your UserTesting dashboard.  


This tab will contain all your existing highlight reels and you can create new highlight reels by selecting New Highlight Reel.


Your clips will be listed on the left.  Search for clips by tag, keyword, or study title. You can also use the filter to pinpoint the important clips you are looking for. 



Then, open the ellipsis menu to Add Clip, or you can simply and drag your desired clips to the column on the right create your highlight reel. Use the Edit functionality to pare down the clips even further within the video player.


Edit a Highlight Reel

If you've added a clip and would like to remove it, open the ellipsis menu in the right column and select Remove Clip.


Your highlight reel will have a generic name by default, but you can edit this name to anything you prefer. Click anywhere on the default title text to edit it. The updated title will save automatically.

Share a Highlight Reel

Once you've assembled your highlight reel, you can preview or share it via email or link by using the buttons in the top right corner.



Learn how to instantly create a highlight reel of a specific task.

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