What can I do if my test isn't filling?

Here at UserTesting, we're proud of our diverse, international network of potential test participants. In fact, we find most tests fill in just an hour or two, enabling you to get results quickly. If you have strict demographic criteria or screeners, it could take longer for your test to fill.

What can I do?

We suggest waiting 24 hours for your study to fill. After 24 hours, you might want to make some tweaks to get your remaining test sessions filled. At this point, you'll want to re-examine your criteria and possibly edit your screeners. 


Remove Screener Questions

Can you delete any of the screener questions? The more screeners you include, the fewer participants will be able to make it through them all.

Relax Screener Settings

If multiple answers are set to “Must Select”, then all of those answers must be selected for the respondent to be included in the test. You can change some selections to be "May Select" or consider allowing only one response. Conversely, make sure your Reject settings are accurate for multi-select screener questions. If a user chooses all of the appropriate "May" or "Must Select" options, but also selects a single response labelled "Reject", they won't be able to take the test. 

Demographic Changes

Can you open the demographics (age, gender, income, location) up to include more potential participants? The Support team can assist you with updating these and distributing the test to more potential test participants.

Re-Launch your test to more potential test participants

After you've made changes to your demographics or participants, you'll want to re-launch your test to capture as many potential respondents as possible. Here's how: 


This will create an identical draft that you can launch. Once you've relaunched the test, you can cancel any unfilled sessions from the first test

For more information, view this course on "What to Do When No One is Taking Your Test".
If you need further assistance, please contact the Support team via this form

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