Why Can't I Launch My Live Conversation Session on Zoom?


There are a few reasons you may be having difficulty launching a Live Conversation. Below are the two most common reasons. 

Are you joining at the correct time?
You will only be able to access the Join button 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Prior to this, it will be greyed out.


Did you order the Live Conversation?
A Live Conversation must be launched by the user who ordered (scheduled) the session. You can only launch the session as the moderator (using the moderator link) if you're the one that ordered (scheduled) the session. So, if someone else on your team scheduled the session and gave you the moderator link to launch, you will not be able to start that session. If you're using an observer link to sit in on the session (not as the moderator), the session will start when the moderator has launched it. If  neither of the above conditions apply and you're still unable to launch the session, please contact Support via chat from your dashboard.


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