How Do I Join My Scheduled Live Conversation?


At a Glance

You can join your scheduled Live Conversation session 15 minutes ahead of the start time by using the Join button on your Dashboard. 



On your dashboard, you'll see a link or button to Join the meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Simply click this link to join the Zoom session.

Note that the person participating in your interview can also join up to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.



Live Conversation session showing the Join link.


Joining A Session

You must be the moderator to start the meeting via the Join link or button.

  • On seat-based accounts (if you have an Unlimited, Standard, or Light seat), then the moderator is the person who ordered/launched the Live Conversation. Note that Collaborators cannot set up nor start Live Conversation sessions.
  • On Flex Plan accounts (if you have a Creator/Viewer seat), then anyone on the account can start the Live Conversation (if the Join button is active for a user, they can start the session). 

Once you join, then any colleagues you invited as observers can join. See this article to learn more about inviting observers. Observers will follow the observers link that they received when you invited them.

If you are using the notetaking feature and you join on a Chrome or Edge browser, you and observers will have options to Join or Join with Notetaking. See this article to learn more about the Notetaking feature.



Option to invite observers is available for any scheduled session 



Function available to observers via the link they received when they were invited

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