How Much Are Test Contributors Compensated?

At a Glance

UserTesting contributors are paid anywhere from $10 to $60 USD, depending on the type of test.


For a standard 15-minute desktop or mobile test, test contributors (including Custom Network contributors) are compensated $10 USD. If you expect your test to be longer than 15 to 20 minutes, please contact the Support team regarding bonus payments.

Test contributors who participate in Live Conversation tests received additional compensation due to the  increased complexity and time investment. For a one hour Live Conversation test, contributors receive a $60 USD incentive. For a half hour Live Conversation test, contributors receive $30 USD. Please note that these standard rates apply to UserTesting Panel contributors and Custom Network test contributors, unless you have created an unpaid Custom Network.

All payments are processed via PayPal, one week from the test's completion. 

If you are conducting Invite Network tests, you will need to determine your own compensation rate and payment method. 

For contributor Support, visit the Custom Network Support center.

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