Managing Your Account Licenses


These instructions will explain the different licenses we have and how you can manage yours. If these instructions don't match what you see, check out:

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If your account is on the UserTesting subscription model, you’ll need to assign all the members on your account to a user seat. Until each team member is assigned a license, they’ll be unable to create or launch studies. 

What are the different user licenses we offer?

There are 4 types: 

  • Unlimited: Users on the account who have the broadest ability to run an unlimited number of tests via the platform.
  • Standard: Users on the account who have the ability to run a limited number of tests via the platform.
  • Light: Similar to Standard. Users have the ability to run a limited number of tests via the platform.
  • Collaborator: These users cannot run tests in the platform, but can review drafts and the results of tests that other users have run.

Additional role type that can be assigned to anyone in the organization:

  • UserTesting Admin: can add and remove users from the account and also assign and change seats 

Follow the steps below to update your account:

1. Sign in to your UserTesting dashboard. From the account menu, select Settings.


2. Go to the People tab.


3. Select the Options menu (...) icon next to each licensed user's name and choose View Profile.


4. Choose the appropriate permission level and save your changes by clicking Save.


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