How Do I Cancel a Pending Test Session?

At a Glance

If you've requested too many sessions, or your research needs have changed, you can cancel pending test sessions from your dashboard. Once a session has been completed, only the Support team can cancel or replace completed sessions.


Cancel a Pending Session

First, click on the title of the test to enter the single-test view. You'll see a list of the Pending sessions, with a checkbox. You can select one or more sessions. 


Once you've selected one or more sessions to cancel, you'll see a new menu with the option to Select all pending.


When you've selected the desired number of sessions, click on Actions button and select Cancel sessions


Can I Add Sessions Back to the Test?

If you've accidentally deleted too many sessions, you can add more contributors to the test. 

Open the Options menu and select Add more contributors.


Is your session On Hold? Learn more in our Knowledgebase article

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