Enhanced Metrics

Enhanced Metrics reveals behavioral insights, providing user click paths and other quantitative elements. Now added to the Metrics tab within your account, these visualizations of behavioral data give you even more information at-a-glance to quickly uncover critical insights when reviewing completed tests.

For a quick demo of Enhanced Metrics, watch the video below!

Enhanced Metrics are available to Insight Core Premium subscribers, for tests completed on Chrome (desktop) or mobile web tests completed in the default app browser (not Safari or Chrome).

Use click paths to:

  • Set success metrics so that a key page— like a conversion page— is highlighted in green.
  • Compare paths test participants took to complete a task or reach a certain page
  • Using these quant elements, identify standouts and prioritize the clips to watch



Once you’ve identified an area that you want to further investigate, simply click on the Play icon within each tile to watch the video associated with the tester’s experience on that particular webpage.  

You can also use the filters or sort function at the top of the Metrics page to hone in on the most beneficial insights. Filter by test participants to remove outliers or hone in on the experience of specific tester(s). Sort the results to adjust the ordering of the click paths (by test participant or time on task).


Set Success Criteria

You can set success criteria, so that it stands out in the click paths, one of two ways:
1.  Click the Set Success Criteria button. Then, enter text from the URL you want to highlight. 
2. Click on the URL that displays within the tile that you want to highlight. A popup will display that allows you to visit that URL (a new window will open), copy the URL, or set that page as the success page to highlight throughout the click paths for that task.
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